1996-02-24 Terry Norris w rsc 8 Vincent Pettway, The Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia, USA - WBC/IBF

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1996-02-24 Terry Norris w rsc 8 Vince Pettway, The Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia, USA - WBC/IBF. Referee: Larry Doggett. With both of his belts officially on the line, Norris (150¾) came out firing, but with Pettway (151) moving back at speed he made a difficult target. However, towards the end of the first round a cracking right to the jaw sent Pettway skidding downwards and although he got to his feet the bell came to his aid. Coming back in the second with surprise punches, Pettway twice stunned Norris, but in the third after the challenger went down from a punch to the head it looked as though it would be an early night. Strangely, Norris allowed Pettway back into the contest and for several rounds they took turns in firing off blows before the latter began to tire. Still Norris was getting caught by punches he should have avoided, but in the eighth a perfect left hook to the body sent Pettway crashing, and dispensing with the count the referee called a halt with 19 seconds of the session remaining.