1996-06-08 Frankie Liles w rsc 3 Tim Littles, International Arena, Newcastle, England - WBA

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1996-06-08 Frank Liles w rsc 3 Tim Littles, International Arena, Newcastle, England - WBA. Referee: Mitch Halpern. With both men going for an early finish it was Littles (167) who came off worse when he was dumped heavily by a right-left to the head from the champion after being set up by a right uppercut that left him dazed on the ropes. When the bell to end the session went a minute early, Littles was so confused that he went to the wrong corner. Taking the fight to Liles (167¼) in the second, Littles hurt his man with cracking right to the jaw before sending him down with a swinging right to the body that looked to be low. Not scored as a knockdown, Littles, now cut over the left eye, followed it up with blows to the back of the head that put Liles on his knees. This time the referee deducted a point for excessive fouling from Littles, who moments later was smashed down by a right hook and saved by the bell. The third round saw Liles knocked out of the ring from a series of rights to the head and then bundled to the floor before putting Littles down with a right hook to the jaw and forcing the referee to come to the latter’s aid when he was staggering around with just two seconds of the round remaining.