1997-07-19 Frankie Liles w pts 12 Jaffa Ballogou, The Arena, Nashville, Tennessee, USA - WBA

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1997-07-19 Frank Liles w pts 12 Zafarou Ballogou, The Arena, Nashville, Tennessee, USA - WBA. Referee: Anthony Bryant. Scorecards: 117-111, 118-109, 115-110. In a match between southpaws, the champion had a fair amount of trouble with the big-punching Ballogou (167½) and both men were docked points as the contest degenerated. Ballogou was the biggest offender and really should have been disqualified for countless transgressions, but all the while he was in the ring he remained dangerous despite being outboxed by Liles (166½). After being pounded for much of the ninth, Balogou put Liles down with a wide right to the jaw and in the 12th the latter was in a bad way following a similar punch that sent him staggering around the ring and slipping down with 40 seconds on the clock, but he hung on for the win.