1997-08-07 Roy Jones w co 1 Montell Griffin, Foxwoods Resort & Casino, Ledyard, Connecticut, USA - WBC

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1997-08-07 Roy Jones Jr w co 1 Montell Griffin, Foxwoods Resort & Casino, Ledyard, Connecticut, USA - WBC. Referee: Arthur Mercante (snr). Billed as ‘Unfinished Business’, Jones (175) made no mistake this time round, sending the champion down with a left hook early on. Although looking to have overcome the early storm, the 5’7” Griffin (174) was in trouble again towards the end of the session and after being caught heavily by a terrific left uppercut he made several desperate attempts to get up before being counted out with 29 seconds of the opening round still remaining. Jones relinquished the WBC version of the title in early November after refusing to meet Michael Nunn, stating that HBO, the cable network who have him under contract, would not be televising the fight. Following the announcement, Nunn v Graciano Rocchigiani, the WBC’s number two ranked fighter, went out for purse bids to decide the vacant title and was set for 7 February. Meanwhile, within a day or so of the match being made towards the end of November 1997, Roy Jones, the former champion was saying he would like time to negotiate a fight with Nunn, while the WBC continued to recognise him as champion. It was difficult enough for Rocchigiani and Nunn to prepare with all this going on and come the week of the fight, the former picked up a bad dose of flu which saw the date moved on to March.