1997-08-08 Yokthai Sithoar w pts 12 Jesus Rojas, Emerald Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand - WBA

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1997-08-08 Yokthai Sith-Oar w pts 12 Jesus Rojas, Emerald Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand - WBA. Referee: Rafael Ramos. Scorecards: 115-114, 116-114, 116-112. With both men doing good work the more aggressive Sith-Oar (115) defended his title successfully for the fourth time, but it was Rojas (114) who came the nearest to scoring a knockdown when combination punches rocked the champion in the second round. The general pattern of the fight saw Rojas leading with the jab, while Sith-Oar looked to bull his man to the ropes where he could work him over with an assortment of punches. In the 11th, Sith-Oar, claiming that he had been bitten on an ear, called for the referee to deal with Rojas, but when the third man took no action the champion brawled his way to the final bell.