1997-12-19 Barry Jones w pts 12 Wilson Palacio, London Arena, Millwall, London, England - WBO

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1997-12-19 Barry Jones w pts 12 Wilson Palacios, London Arena, Millwall, London, England - WBO. Referee: Roy Francis. Scorecards: 116-112, 118-110, 118-110. Contesting the title left vacant on the retirement of Regilio Tuur, Jones (128) realised a major ambition when he came from nowhere to outscore Palacios (127¾), having been working as an electrician a few months earlier. Although Palacios pressured most of the way many of his punches failed to score, while Jones threw less but produced more quality. Despite being cut over the right eye in the seventh Palacios was still coming on, but the pattern of the fight changed in the tenth after Jones landed a solid right and he went on to land several good bursts of punches before the final bell and victory. Unfortunately, following a negative brain scan, Jones was forced to relinquish the WBO version of the title in April 1998.