1998-04-03 Frankie Liles w pts 12 Andrey Shkalikov, Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum, Bayamon, Puerto Rico - WBA

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1998-04-03 Frank Liles w pts 12 Andrei Shkalikov, Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum, Bayamon, Puerto Rico - WBA. Referee: Waldemar Schmidt. Scorecards: 115-114, 115-112, 118-110. Looking to be a poor imitation of a champion, having been out of the ring since the previous July, Liles (168) was almost dropped by a long right in the third and struggled to find any rhythm. Cut on the forehead after a head clash in the second round, Shkalikov (168) rarely looked like winning, remaining almost pedestrian for much of the time, but the southpaw champion seemed unable to take advantage, even being deducted a point for throwing the Russian to the floor in the ninth. After losing the tenth due to lack of work, Liles finally got his jab working to take the last two sessions despite being almost doubled over by a body shot in the 11th, and regardless of his poor show he rarely looked like losing.