1998-05-12 Otis Grant w rtd 9 Ernesto Sena, Corel Centre, Ottawa, Canada - WBO

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1998-05-12 Otis Green w rtd 9 Ernesto Sena, Corel Centre, Ottawa, Canada - WBO. Referee: Mark Nelson. Scorecards: 80-71, 80-71, 80-71. Defending the title bestowed on him following Lonnie Bradley’s enforced retirement, in a battle of southpaws Green (159) won the opening eight rounds against the crude Sena (159), having dropped the latter with a cracking short left to the jaw in the opener. Three times in the third, Sena tripped over his own feet and in the eighth he opened up a bad cut on Green’s left eye when accidentally butting his man. The fight went to the cards in the ninth after Green’s damaged eye worsened, the decision being a formality.

Green relinquished the WBO version of the championship in November on moving up to light heavyweight and challenging Roy Jones for the WBA/WBC titles.