1999-04-24 Keith Holmes w rsc 7 Hacine Cherifi, MCI Centre, Washington DC, USA - WBC

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1999-04-24 Keith Holmes w rsc 7 Hassine Cherifi, MCI Centre, Washington DC, USA - WBC. Referee: Frank Cappuccino. Coming back to regain the title, Holmes (159) was a different man from the one who fought Cherifi (158) last time and after he was cut over the right eye at the end of the third his whole demeanour changed. Holmes now had the bit between the teeth and he began to counter heavily with solid southpaw rights. Although hurt himself in the sixth, Holmes was looking to end the fight and after being taken to the ropes in the seventh he found three or four big punches that had Cherifi wobbling. Not letting up Holmes tore into Cherifi and after hitting the latter with at least a dozen unanswered lefts and rights to the head the referee stopped the fight with 15 seconds of the session remaining.