1999-05-22 Bert Schenk w pts 12 Juan Ramon Medina, Sports Palace, Budapest, Hungary - WBO

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1999-05-22 Bert Schenk w pts 12 Juan Ramon Medina-Padilla, Sports Palace, Budapest, Hungary - WBO. Referee: Andre van Grootenbruel. Scorecards: 115-112, 117-113, 115-113. Forced to take a count in the first round and cut over the left eye in the second, the southpaw champion recovered well to outbox the tough Medina-Padilla (157¼), who was always looking to end the fight with one punch. Although the crowd booed the unanimous decision it was more in frustration that the technically superior Schenk (159) had boxed too cautiously and not used his skills to open the Dominican up more.

Injured when preparing to defend the WBO title against Ryan Rhodes, Schenk was stripped to allow a title fight to take place, Jason Matthews coming in at short notice.