1999-07-24 James Page w rsc 11 Freddie Pendleton, Flamingo Hilton Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WBA

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1999-07-24 James Page w rsc 11 Fred Pendleton, Flamingo Hilton Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WBA. Referee: Joe Cortez. Despite looking for a knockout win almost from the opening bell, Page (147) had to settle for almost having to go the distance prior to retaining his title against the game Pendleton (146½). On realising he would have to work his way into openings and quit slugging, Page eventually settled down with the jab to outbox a challenger, who at best won just two rounds, the third and the ninth. At the start of the tenth Page got to Pendleton, when backing him up with hooks, jabs and uppercuts, and in the 11th he again belaboured the latter, who was carrying damage around both eyes. Having dropped Pendleton and seeing him spring up immediately, Page then repeated the dose and the old-timer was forced to take a ‘seven’ count before a cracking left hook dumped him for ‘eight’. This time there was no way back for Pendleton and after having a close look the referee stopped the contest on the 2.25 mark. Page forfeited the WBA version of the title in September 2000 for failing to fulfil a mandatory defence against Andrew Lewis due to contractual problems, prior to meeting the latter to decide the vacancy.