1999-11-27 Akhmed Kotiev w pts 12 Daniel Santos, Hanseatic Hall, Lubeck, Germany - WBO

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1999-11-27 Ahmed Katejev w pts 12 Daniel Santos, Hanseatic Hall, Lubeck, Germany - WBO. Referee: Earl Jewell. Scorecards: 115-113, 115-113, 111-117. Showing good movement the southpaw challenger made the fight from the opening bell and in the first half of the contest Katejev (145¾) appeared to have no answer as to how to get inside the jab and in the fourth round he walked on to a solid left that nearly put him over. Picking it up Santos (147) fired in more lefts that found their mark, but by now Katejev was coming more into it when firing in rights to head and body. By the end of the 11th Katejev appeared to have closed the deficit after steadily getting on top, before Santos came back in the final session with solid left hands to get himself back in with a shout. Following the fight, because many WBO officials thought he might have been lucky to hold on to his title, Katejev was told by that body his next defence would have to be against Santos.