2000-04-23 Hideki Todaka w rsc 11 Yokthai Sithoar, Rainbow Hall, Nagoya, Japan - WBA

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2000-04-23 Hideki Todaka w rsc 11 Yokthai Sith-Oar, Rainbow Hall, Nagoya, Japan - WBA. Referee: Stan Christodoulou. Coming from behind, having been mainly on the receiving end during rounds three through to seven, Todaka (114¾) finally got his act together when blasting Sith-Oar (115) to the canvas with an overarm right just before the eighth session ended. Although Sith-Oar came out shakily for the ninth, Todaka, tracking his every movement, was unable to catch up with his challenger again until swarming all over him in the 11th and forcing a stoppage on the 2.22 mark.