2000-08-26 Vernon Forrest tdraw 3 Raul Frank, Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - IBF

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2000-08-26 Vernon Forrest nd 3 Raul Frank, Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - IBF. Referee: Kenny Bayless. Contesting the title left vacant by Felix Trinidad, the taller Forrest (146½) was expected to use his jab, but although controlling the fight he was mixing it up with Frank (147) more often than not at close quarters. In the second it could be seen that Frank was already cut on the left eye, and as Forrest continued to land the left hook to head and body the signs for the underdog were ominous. Showing fast hands, Forrest still held sway in the third, but when he bent low to smash in another left hook there was a terrible clash of heads that left Frank badly cut and unable to continue. Due to the fight not making it to the end of the fourth round, the IBF rules stated that it would be classified as a no decision and that both men would have to meet again.