2000-09-16 Bruno Girard w pts 12 Manny Siaca, Circus Tent, Chateauroux, France - WBA

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2000-09-16 Bruno Girard w pts 12 Manuel Siaca, Circus Tent, Chateauroux, France - WBA. Referee: John Coyle. Scorecards: 117-111, 116-113, 113-117. It was the champion’s aggression and work rate against the classier boxing skills of Siaca (167½) and with home support intense it was soon clear as to who would win the day. Although Siaca scored well with left jabs, especially in the middle rounds, Girard (167½) barely gave him time to think as he bored in looking to get inside. The last two sessions were somewhat frenetic and while Siaca won them on the cards he failed to make up the leeway despite one of the judges having him the winner by seven rounds to three with two even. Girard forfeited the WBA version of the title in February 2001 after refusing a rematch against Siaca due to contractual problems.