2000-09-16 William Joppy w pts 12 Hacine Cherifi, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WBA

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2000-09-16 William Joppy w pts 12 Hassine Cherifi, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WBA. Referee: Joe Cortez. Scorecards: 119-106, 118-107, 118-107. According to the reports the fight was never close, Cherifi (159) winning just one round - the fifth – and being dropped twice before going down heavily on all the cards. Right from the start it was clear that Cherifi was in for a hard night when Joppy (160) walked into him throwing solid uppercuts and combinations. Although Cherifi came through the attack and stoically resisted the champion’s efforts to finish early, he was dropped in both the eighth and ninth rounds before being smashed to the floor just as the bell rang to end the ninth. Regardless of the fact that the knockdown did not count, Cherifi was left badly stunned but somehow made it to the final bell despite taking a battering all the way. To make matters even worse for the Frenchman on the cards was a point deduction in the sixth for hitting on the break.