2001-07-21 Daniel Santos tdraw 1 Antonio Margarito, Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum, Bayamon, Puerto Rico - WBO

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2001-07-21 Daniel Santos nd 1 Antonio Margarito, Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum, Bayamon, Puerto Rico - WBO. Referee: Jose Rivera. After just 131 seconds and following two terrible head clashes that left the challenger badly cut, the fight was called off and announced as a no decision under the Association of Boxing Commission Rules. The first coming together of heads occurred when Margarito (146) worked his way in to back the southpaw champion on the ropes and following a flurry of punches he was cut over the right eye. Although the referee allowed it to go on, when Margarito dipped under a Santos (147) left cross moments later and inadvertently brought his head up the second clash of heads occurred and, with blood pouring from a deep wound, the fight was stopped by the referee following a discussion with the doctor. However, before a rematch could be made, Santos relinquished the WBO version of the title in November in order to step up and challenge for the vacant WBO light-middleweight title.

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