2001-11-03 Kostya Tszyu w rsc 2 Zab Judah, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WBA/WBC/IBF

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2001-11-03 Kostya Tszyu w rsc 2 Zab Judah, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - WBA/WBC/IBF. Referee: Jay Nady. Looking to unify three titles and having been outboxed by the southpaw Judah (139½) in the opening round, Tszyu (140) picked it up in the second when staying as close as he could to the IBF champion. It was the right tactic and after nailing Judah with a right to the head, Tszyu crashed in another right, but harder, and this time Judah went down heavily. Although Judah got up quickly and spoke to the referee to say he was okay, all of a sudden his legs betrayed him and he staggered across the ring before collapsing in Tszyu’s corner. Despite there being just one second remaining in the session, the referee had already made his mind up and the fight was stopped, leaving Tszyu the holder of three belts, while Judah lost his head and attacked the third man before being escorted away. As in other divisions, with Tszyu considered a ‘super’ champion by the WBA Randall Bailey won the vacant ‘second tier’ title when stopping Demitrio Ceballos in the third round at the Sovereign Centre, Reading, Pennsylvania on 2 February 2002. Later, on 11 May 2002 at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bailey lost the so-called title to Diobelys Hurtado when he was knocked out in the seventh round.