2002-08-24 Sirimongkol Singmanasak w co 2 Kengo Nagashima, Ryoguku Sumo Arena, Tokyo, Japan - WBC

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2002-08-24 Sirimongkol Singmanassak w co 2 Kengo Nagashima, Ryoguku Sumo Arena, Tokyo, Japan - WBC. Referee: Richie Davies. Contested for the vacant title after Floyd Mayweather had relinquished his belt on winning the WBC championship, the hard-punching Singmanassak (130), a former WBC bantamweight champion, made good his opportunity when knocking out the southpaw Nagashima (130) with a crashing right to the jaw at 2.22 of the second. Following a feeling-out first round, with Nagashima moving and jabbing, Singmanassak got his right hand working to blast the former to the canvas twice prior to the count out in the second. Although Singmanassak mistakenly threw a punch while his opponent was down and was rightly docked a point, ultimately it counted for nothing when Nagashima failed to take advantage of the extra breather.

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