2004-01-03 Masamori Tokuyama w pts 12 Dmitry Kirillov, Central Gym, Osaka, Japan - WBC

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2004-01-03 Masamori Tokuyama w pts 12 Dmitry Kirilov, Central Gym, Osaka, Japan - WBC. Referee: Vic Drakulich. Scorecards: 117-111, 117-112, 116-112. Starting as he meant to continue, the champion immediately got his left jab working effectively against a surprisingly cautious Kirilov (114½), who rarely got into the fight until making a late challenge. Using the jab well and throwing in right crosses for good measure, Tokuyama (115) really opened up in the 11th and almost dropped Kirilov with a smashing right counter. Surprisingly, that seemed to wake Kirilov up and he stormed into Tokuyama in the final session with solid combinations, but it was not to be his night.