2004-07-24 In-Jin Chi w rsc 10 Eiichi Sugama, Central City Millennium Hall, Seoul, South Korea - WBC

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2004-07-24 In-Jin Chi w rsc 10 Eiichi Sugama, Central City Millenium Hall, Seoul, South Korea - WBC. Referee: Malcolm Bulner. Throwing solid jabs and combinations, the champion made an aggressive start to push Sugama (126) back, and while the Japanese fighter occasionally showed up with accurate left hooks and right crosses he was not busy enough to take control. Sugama had a good third round before being deducted a point in the fifth for going low, but then dropped Chi (126) with a cracking left-right to the jaw just as the bell rang to end the sixth. Because the referee decided that the punches landed after the bell there was no count, but Chi was decidedly groggy in the seventh when right uppercuts and crosses threatened to knock him out. Coming back strongly in the eighth, though, Chi blasted his way through the next two rounds before dropping Sugama with a heavy right uppercut in the tenth. Although Sugama made it to his feet he was quickly dropped again and rescued by the referee on the 1.03 mark when it was deemed that he needed medical attention.