2004-12-11 Manny Pacquiao w rsc 4 Fahsan 3K Battery, MC Home Depot Open Air Arena, Manila, Philippines - The Ring

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2004-12-11 Manny Pacquiao w rsc 4 Norongrit Pirang, MC Home Depot Open Air Arena, Manila, Philippines - The Ring. Referee: Ferdinand Estrella. Defending The Ring magazine championship belt, Pacquiao (125) was far too good for Pirang (124), known in the ring as Fahsan 3K-Battery, and he was quickly into his stride, throwing lightning-quick southpaw punches to head and body. Overwhelmed, all Pirang could do was to cover up and try to fight back, but after he had been dropped heavily in rounds two and three it was clear that this one would not be lasting much longer. Twice in the fourth session, Pirang was blasted to the floor by cracking lefts and rights and although he made it to his feet on the first occasion the second time round the referee did not even bother to take up the count, stopping the contest on the 1.26 mark. Pacquiao continued to be recognised by The Ring magazine as the world champion until the end of May 2005 following his move into a higher weight division.