2004-12-18 Isaac Bustos w rsc 4 Eagle Kyowa, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan - WBC

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2004-12-18 Isaac Bustos w rsc 4 Eagle Den Junlaphan, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan - WBC. Referee: Toby Gibson. Totally in command from the opening bell, the champion was belting in punches from all angles before he dislocated his right shoulder midway through round three. Up to that point it appeared that the ponderous Bustos (104¾) was on his way to a stoppage defeat, but all that changed with the injury. Although trying to fight back with one arm it was hopeless and after 19 seconds of the fourth, with Bustos cutting loose, the referee moved to rescue Den Junlaphan (105) after he turned his back on his opponent when in the utmost agony.