2005-10-29 Hugo Fidel Cazares w co 6 Kaichon Sor Vorapin, Desert Diamond Casino, Tucson, Arizona, USA - WBO

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2005-10-29 Hugo Cazares w co 6 Kaichon Sorvoraphin, Desert Diamond Casino, Tucson, Arizona, USA - WBO. Referee: Bobby Ferrara. Getting away fast, the champion floored Sorvoraphin (107½) in the second round and was just about ahead going into the sixth when a right hand from out of nowhere dropped him for the mandatory ‘eight’ count. There was no doubt that Cazares (108) was hurt and as he retreated to clear his senses and buy some time Sorvoraphin incessantly chased him down. At that moment the smart money would have been on the Thai, but with his back against the ropes Cazares suddenly lashed in an effective combination, followed by a southpaw straight left that hit Sorvoraphin flush on the jaw and dropped him. There was no way that Sorvoraphin was going to make it and he was counted at 2.14 of the round.