2005-12-03 Serhiy Dzinziruk w pts 12 Daniel Santos, Borderland Hall, Magdeburg, Germany - WBO

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2005-12-03 Sergei Dzindziruk w pts 12 Daniel Santos, Borderland Hall, Magdeburg, Germany - WBO. Referee: Genaro Rodriguez. Scorecards: 115-112, 115-112, 115-112. In a fast-paced battle of southpaws a new champion was crowned when the German-based Dzindziruk (154) took the title from Santos (154), beating the latter at his own game. Strong and determined, from the fourth round on the former undefeated European titleholder used the jab well to stop Santos from getting into his stride, having lost the opening three or four sessions. Coming on strong, in the eighth Dzindziruk countered superbly with a cracking right to the jaw to drop Santos and although the Puerto Rican had no difficulty in beating the count the punch would ultimately prove decisive in what was a hard-fought contest. Now fighting with great confidence, Dzindziruk battled on, surviving a tremendous left hook to the head in the 11th as Santos put in a great finish, and despite losing the 12th he was deemed to have done enough.