2010-08-28 Giovani Segura w co 8 Ivan Calderon, Mario Morales Coliseum, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico - WBA/WBO/The Ring

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2010-08-28 Giovanni Segura w co 8 Ivan Calderon, Mario Morales Coliseum, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico - WBA/WBO. Referee: Jose Rivera. At the Ryogoku Sumo Arena, Tokyo, Japan, on 24 October, Roman Gonzalez won the vacant WBA ‘interim’ title when knocking out Francisco Rosas in the opening session. A month or so later, on 26 November, Segura relinquished the WBA title and Juan Carlos Reveco, the WBA ‘second tier’ champion, was elevated to the top spot before he too handed back his belt to fight at flyweight on 4 February 2011. On that same date, Gonzalez was announced as being the WBA champion. On the WBO front, Jesus Geles won the vacant ‘interim’ crown when outpointing Omar Soto over 12 rounds at the Convention Centre, Cartagena, Colombia on 30 October, after the champion, Ramon Garcia, had pulled out of a last-minute defence against him due to injury. With an edict in place for the winner to meet Garcia at the earliest opportunity, it was strange to read that the latter had retained his ‘interim’ title when outpointing Soto over 12 rounds at the 20 November Stadium, Campeche, Mexico on 18 December, with no mention of Geles. That situation was rectified on 5 February 2011 when Geles won the undisputed ‘interim’ title when outpointing Garcia over 12 rounds at the Bernardo Caraballo Coliseum, Cartagena, Columbia.