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Weight Limit: 126lbs


14 October Jack King W CO 7 Bob Carew, Nathan’s Hall, Melbourne


27 June Jack King W CO 3 Young Pluto, Victoria Hall, Melbourne. The title fell vacant after King remained inactive


26 December Young Griffo W PTS 8 Nipper Peakes, Apollo Hall, Melbourne


11 January Young Griffo W RTD 3 Abe Willis, Foley’s White Horse Gym, Sydney

31 May Young Griffo W CO 2 Doss Patterson, Foley’s White Horse Gym, Sydney

2 September Young Griffo W RTD 16 Torpedo Billy Murphy, York Street AC, Sydney. Griffo was claiming the world 126lbs title following his defeat of Murphy

14 November Young Griffo W RTD 13 Paddy Moran, York Street AC, Sydney


12 March Young Griffo W DISQ 20 George Powell, Gymnastic Club, Sydney

22 July Young Griffo W DISQ 24 Torpedo Billy Murphy, York Street AC, Sydney


22 March Young Griffo W RTD 4 Mick McCarthy, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney. Despite fighting in the lightweight class from hereon, Griffo continued to claim the title before it became vacant when he sailed for the USA on 15 May 1893. Nipper Peakes then claimed it after beating Jack McGowan and drawing with Jerry Marshall


10 June Nipper Peakes W PTS 20 Jack McGowan, Cumberland AC, Melbourne. Peakes was out of the ring for over two years, leaving others to claim the title. It was then claimed Tim Hegarty and McGowan


21 May Tim Hegarty W CO 5 Abe Willis, Nathan’s Hall, Melbourne

25 June Jack McGowan W CO 14 Harry Perry, Nathan’s Hall, Melbourne

14 July Tim Hegarty W PTS 20 Jack McGowan, Cumberland AC, Melbourne

13 October Tim Hegarty W PTS 20 Jack McGowan, Cumberland AC, Melbourne


30 March Tim Hegarty W PTS 20 Jack McGowan, Nathan’s Hall, Melbourne

6 July Tim Hegarty W CO 12 Ernie McAuliffe, Tattersall's Club, Melbourne

21 October Tim Hegarty DREW 30 Jack McGowan, Tattersalls, Melbourne


4 July Tim Hegarty DREW 15 Jack Cullen, Victoria Hall, Melbourne


28 August Tim Hegarty W PTS 15 Jack McGowan, Victoria Hall, Melbourne


6 February Tim Hegarty W DISQ 15 Ned Cullen, Democratic Club, Melbourne

24 May Tim Hegarty DREW 20 Micko Walsh, Victoria Hall, Melbourne

2 October Tim Hegarty W CO 11 Nicky Peach, Democratic Club, Melbourne


29 January Tim Hegarty W CO 7 Hughie Napier, Imperial AC, Sydney. On 11 June Hegarty was overweight for a defence against Ned Cullen, thus losing the title on the scales


7 June Abe Willis W 7 Joe Dempster, Sydney. Willis laid claim to the title

8 September Micko Walsh W CO 2 Abe Willis, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney


4 May Micko Walsh W CO 2 Harry North, Lyceum AC, Melbourne

18 October Frank Silver W DISQ 20 Micko Walsh, Queen's Hall, Melbourne


7 November Frank Silver W DISQ 4 Micko Walsh, Queen’s Hall, Melbourne

27 December Ned Murphy W CO 11 Frank Silver, NSC, Sydney


24 June Ned Murphy W RTD 1 Micko Walsh, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney

18 July Ned Murphy W CO 6 Billy Cooper, NSC, Sydney


10 February Tommy Jones W CO 17 Ned Murphy, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney

14 April Ned Murphy W CO 7 Tommy Jones, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney

30 June Frank Thorn W RSC 15 Ned Murphy, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney

29 August Frank Thorn W DISQ 3 Paddy King, His Majesty’s Theatre, Kalgoorlie


22 July Frank Thorn W CO 2 Billy Cooper, Cyclorama, Melbourne

12 August Frank Thorn W RTD 16 Tim Hegarty, Cyclorama, Melbourne. Sid Papworth Sullivan claimed the title at the beginning of August, stating that Thorn would not make 126lbs for him.

26 December Paddy King W CO 7 Frank Thorn, Paddy’s Market, Perth


1 April Sid Papworth Sullivan W CO 13 Jim Donald, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney

11 April Sid Papworth Sullivan W PTS 20 Teddy Green, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney

21 July Sid Papworth Sullivan DREW 20 Frank Thorn, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney

25 July Paddy King W PTS 20 Dave Miller, King’s Theatre, Fremantle

22 December Sid Papworth Sullivan W PTS 20 Tommy Jones, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney


27 January 1909 Tommy Jones W PTS 20 Sid Papworth Sullivan, The Stadium, Sydney. Following this, Jones moved up among the lightweights and Frank Thorn outpointed Paddy King over 20 rounds at the Athletic Pavilion, Melbourne on 1 March 1909. Thorn then forfeited the championship on the scales when he failed to make the weight for a defence against Sullivan and the latter reclaimed the title

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