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Weight Limit: Initially above 154lbs and then 160lbs


2 December Larry Foley DREW 47 Peter Newton, Thompson’s Athletic Hall, Melbourne


1 February Bill Farnan W CO 6 Charlie Richardson, Newton & Nathan’s Hall, Melbourne


28 May William Miller DREW 40 Larry Foley, Academy of Music, Sydney


26 July Bill Farnan W RTD 3 Peter Jackson, Victoria Hall, Melbourne

23 September Bill Farnan DREW 6 Peter Jackson, Hunt’s Assembly Rooms, Sydney. Crowd invaded ring


20 May Tom Lees W CO 12 Bill Farnan, Open Air Arena, Heidelberg, Melbourne


19 April Tom Lees W RTD 22 Bill Farnan, Williamstown Racecourse, Melbourne. Stopped by police in the 18th round and resumed the next day at a site in Essenden

25 September Peter Jackson W RTD 30 Tom Lees, Foley’s White Horse Gym, Sydney. Jackson sailed to the USA on 21 April 1888


8 December 1888 Paddy Slavin W CO 1 Mick Dooley, Foley’s White Horse Gym, Sydney. Slavin sailed to England in July 1889


24 June Joe Goddard W RTD 21 Mick Dooley, Gymnastic Club, Sydney

20 October Joe Goddard DREW 8 Peter Jackson, Crystal Palace, Richmond

1 November Joe Goddard W RTD 7 Mick Dooley, Athletic Club, Melbourne


10 February Joe Goddard W RTD 4 Joe Choynski, Gymnastic Club, Sydney

23 May Joe Goddard W DISQ 9 Tom Lees, Skating Rink, Charters Towers

20 July Joe Goddard W CO 4 Joe Choynski, Athletic Club, Melbourne. Following three eight-round fights in Melbourne against Tom Lees (drew 8 at the Crystal Palace on 21 September), Jack Ashton (w pts 8 at the Crystal Palace on 2 October) and Ned Ryan (w rtd 4 at the Athletic Hall on 31 December), Goddard sailed to the USA on 19 April 1892


14 February Steve O’Donnell DREW 10 Ned Ryan, California AC, Sydney. Stopped by police. The title was vacated on O’Donnell leaving for the USA shortly after the fight and Ryan thought to have retired


1 January Harry Laing W RTD 12 Joe Goddard, Cumberland Hall, Melbourne. Laing died on 12 April 1894 in railway accident

23 June Mick Dooley W PTS 20 Tut Ryan, Cumberland Hall, Melbourne


4 April Mick Dooley W CO 2 Peter Felix, Victoria Hall, Melbourne


3 July Mick Dooley DREW 10 Peter Felix, Dowridge’s AC, Brisbane. Dissatisfied with the decision, Felix claimed the title


7 September Mick Dooley W RTD 6 Bill Doherty, Pavilion Theatre, Fremantle

8 October Peter Felix DREW 20 Tut Ryan, Victoria Hall, Melbourne. Although billed for the title, the result proved nothing and Mick Dooley continued to be seen as the legitimate champion

26 December Mick Dooley W RTD 2 Will Bell, Majestic Club, Coolgardie


21 January Mick Dooley W CO 2 Jim Fogarty, Coolgardie

25 February Bill Doherty W CO 6 Mick Dooley, Miners Institute, Kalgoorlie

3 April Bill Doherty W CO 4 Mick Dooley, Miners Institute, Kalgoorlie

17 June Bill Doherty W DISQ 12 Tut Ryan, Miners Institute, Kalgoorlie

14 August Bill Doherty W RTD 16 Tut Ryan, Miners Institute, Kalgoorlie

2 December Peter Felix W RTD 7 Bill Doherty, Miners Institute, Kalgoorlie


16 July Bill Doherty W PTS 20 Peter Felix, Metropolitan AC, Sydney

11 August Bill Doherty W CO 3 Mick Dooley, Metropolitan AC, Sydney

3 December Bill Doherty DREW 20 Peter Felix, Summer Gardens, Kalgoorlie. This contest commenced on 1 December, but during the eighth round the electric wiring was cut and the hall plunged into darkness. Unable to repair the damage, the action was adjourned until the following Monday when the remaining 12 rounds were fought


17 June Peter Felix W CO 2 Mick Dooley, Democratic Club, Melbourne. Billed for the title even though Bill Doherty was the recognised champion

19 June Tut Ryan W CO 3 Bill Doherty, Miners Institute, Kalgoorlie

17 August Tut Ryan W RTD 11 Tim Nolan, Miners Institute, Kalgoorlie

4 September Bill Doherty W CO 7 Tut Ryan, Theatre Royal, Perth


7 July Bill Doherty W CO 13 Peter Felix, Fitzgerald’s Circus, Melbourne

13 October Billy McColl W RSC 5 Bill Doherty, NSC, Sydney


3 March Billy McColl W RTD 6 Dan Creedon, NSC, Sydney

5 May Billy McColl W RTD 17 Jim Scanlan, NSC, Sydney. Inactive for over two years, McColl continued to claim the title Despite Peter Felix claiming it for himself

22 September Peter Felix W DISQ 15 Jim Scanlan, NSC, Sydney

23 November Peter Felix W RTD 3 Alf James, Queen’s Hall, Melbourne


27 September Peter Felix DREW 20 Arthur Cripps, NSC, Sydney

22 November Bill Squires W CO 2 Peter Felix, NSC, Sydney


5 June Billy McColl W CO 1 Dan Creedon, Victoria Theatre, Newcastle

10 July Bill Squires W CO 5 Tom Fennessy, Fitzgerald’s Circus, Melbourne

9 September Tim Draffin Murphy W CO 11 Billy McColl, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney

11 September ill Squires W CO 4 Dick Kernick, Exhibition Building, Melbourne


28 April Bill Squires W RSC 3 Tim Draffin Murphy, Exhibition Building, Melbourne

6 November Bill Squires W CO 3 Peter Kling, Ascot Racecourse, Melbourne

3 December Bill Squires W CO 1 Bill Smith, Cyclorama, Melbourne

22 December Bill Squires W CO 1 Mike Williams, Richmond Racecourse, Melbourne. Squires sailed to the USA on 18 February 1907 and during his absence a series of bouts took place for what was called the ‘resident’ title


27 May Bill Lang W CO 10 Peter Kling, Cyclorama, Melbourne

8 July Bill Lang W CO 2 Dick Kernick, Cyclorama, Melbourne

19 August Bill Lang W CO 1 Mike Williams, Cyclorama, Melbourne

16 September Bill Lang W DIS 3 George Reunalf, The Hippodrome, Broken Hill

3 October Bill Lang W RTD 12 Peter Felix, The Hippodrome, Broken Hill

6 November Bill Lang W RSC 8 Arthur Cripps, Cyclorama, Melbourne

23 December Bill Lang W CO 3 Ed Williams, Athletic Club, Melbourne


17 February Bill Lang W RTD 7 Peter Felix, Cyclorama, Melbourne

9 March Bill Lang W CO 1 Bill Smith, Cyclorama, Melbourne

20 July Bill Lang W RTD 6 Jim Griffin, Cyclorama, Melbourne

16 November Bill Lang W RSC 5 Jim Griffin, Cyclorama, Melbourne


3 February Bill Lang W CO 17 Bill Squires, The Stadium, Sydney

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