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Weight Limit: 149lbs


26 March Otto Cribb W CO 13 Tot Higgins, Metropolitan AC, Sydney

20 April Otto Cribb W CO 8 Snowy Sturgeon, Metropolitan AC, Sydney

2 July Otto Cribb DREW 20 Snowy Sturgeon, Metropolitan AC, Sydney

1 September Otto Cribb W CO 2 Tot Higgins, Golden Gate AC, Sydney

1 October Otto Cribb W CO 7 Mick Dunn, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney


22 July Mick Dunn W CO 9 Otto Cribb, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney. Cribb died on 23 July, Dunn announcing his retirement on the same day

23 December George Johns W PTS 10 Snowy Sturgeon, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney. Sturgeon was contracted to stop Cribb inside ten rounds


12 May George Johns W PTS 20 Billy McCoy, Sydney

21 July Tom Mitchell W CO 2 Jack Willis, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney. Billed for the title, the winner of this one would get an immediate crack at George Johns, who was seen by most as the legitimate champion

19 August George Johns W CO 4 Tom Mitchell, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney

15 December George Johns W CO 15 Tom Mitchell, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney


2 February George Johns W CO 3 Jack Grace, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney

21 March George Johns W CO 10 Tom Mitchell, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney

26 June Jack Willis W CO 14 Bob Whitelaw, Victoria Theatre, Newcastle. Unable to get a match with George Johns, who was mainly inactive, Willis claimed the title on beating Whitelaw

1 December Jack Blackmore W CO 1 Jack Willis, NSC, Sydney


29 March Ted Nelson W CO 9 Jack Blackmore, NSC, Sydney

19 April George Johns W CO 8 Ed Williams, NSC, Sydney

28 June George Johns W PTS 20 Ted Nelson, NSC, Sydney

26 December George Johns DREW 20 Ted Nelson, Crystal Palace Rink, Perth


13 June George Johns W PTS 20 Al Neill, NSC, Sydney


24 July George Johns W CO 8 Bob Quigley, NSC, Sydney

7 August George Johns W PTS 20 Jack Blackmore, NSC, Sydney. With Johns inactive from September, Jack Willis, Jack Blackmore, Ted Nelson and Bob Whitelaw all tried to claim the title without much backing or success. Eventually it was Whitelaw who became generally recognised

15 December Bob Whitelaw DREW 20 Monty Andrews, Gaiety Theatre, Sydney


5 January Bob Whitelaw W DISQ 5 Ted Whiting, NSC, Sydney

4 March Bob Whitelaw DREW 20 Monty Andrews, Richmond Racecourse, Melbourne


14 March Bob Whitelaw W DISQ 6 Mark Higgins, Summer Park, Newcastle

18 July Bob Whitelaw W CO 11 Bob Turner, Athletic Stadium, Newcastle


13 January Bob Whitelaw W RSC 20 Monty Andrews, The Stadium, Sydney

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