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Junior Bantamweight (Super Flyweight) Division

Under pressure from their membership, especially in the Far East, to increase the prospects of the smaller men, the World Boxing Council introduced the 115lbs weight class in December 1979, while it took the World Boxing Association until early 1981 before they recognised the new weight class

112lbs to 115lbs

1986-05-15 Gilberto Roman w pts 12 Edgar Monserrat, Pierre De Coubertin Stadium, Paris, France - WBC. Referee: Rolando Barrovecchio. Scorecards: 118-111, 120-115, 115-118. Despite his summary defeat at the hands of Kaosai Galaxy some months earlier, Monserrat (114¾) was out in front at the halfway stage, using his height and reach advantages to keep Roman (114¾) at bay as the champion continually pressed. Roman finally got on top in the ninth round, working inside, and began to hurt his southpaw opponent with big rights as he stepped up the pace, which took him through to the final bell and the verdict in his favour.

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