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Junior Middleweight (Super Welterweight/Light Middleweight) Division

Recognised by the amateurs since 1951, because the weight gap between welter and middle was too great, the 147 to 154lbs weight class was introduced to the pro ranks in 1962 thanks to the World Boxing Association. However, before the WBA could get a vacant title contest between Denny Moyer and Joey Giambra underway the Austrian Boxing Commission supported a bout between America’s Teddy Wright and Emile Griffith, the world welterweight champion who was having difficulty making 147lbs, as being for their version of the championship. Although the Austrians had hoped to get the support of the EBU and the NYSAC, unable to do so they ultimately went it alone

Weight Band

147lbs to 154lbs

1967-10-03 Ki-Soo Kim w pts 15 Freddie Little, The Stadium, Seoul, South Korea - WBA/WBC. Referee: Yung-Soo Chung. Scorecards: 72-68, 71-69, 64-75. Cut on his forehead in the opening round wasn’t the best of starts for the challenger, but he banged away at Kim (153½) with solid, hurtful punches and often forced him to give way. However, the southpaw Kim was not easy to keep at bay for long periods and he was soon back, bulldozing his way forward. Little (152), who had predicted a win inside four rounds, was finding Kim a tough nut to crack, but after hurting him in the tenth a long, jolting right to the head had him over in the 11th for the mandatory ‘eight’. Although Kim was groggy at the resumption he managed to remain upright before coming out strong for the 12th. From thereon there was a lot of clinching as both men tired, but in the 15th Little again opened up with big punches to stun Kim, although he was the one who was left stunned when the decision was announced.

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