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Junior Middleweight (Super Welterweight/Light Middleweight) Division

Recognised by the amateurs since 1951, because the weight gap between welter and middle was too great, the 147 to 154lbs weight class was introduced to the pro ranks in 1962 thanks to the World Boxing Association. However, before the WBA could get a vacant title contest between Denny Moyer and Joey Giambra underway the Austrian Boxing Commission supported a bout between America’s Teddy Wright and Emile Griffith, the world welterweight champion who was having difficulty making 147lbs, as being for their version of the championship. Although the Austrians had hoped to get the support of the EBU and the NYSAC, unable to do so they ultimately went it alone

Weight Band

147lbs to 154lbs

1979-04-04 Maurice Hope w rtd 8 (15) Rocky Mattioli, Ariston Theatre, San Remo, Italy - WBC. Referee: Ray Solis. Starting like a bomb, the challenger had Mattioli (152) on the floor from a southpaw left to the jaw within the first ten seconds and although the latter responded well, having broken his right wrist when falling, he was right up against it from thereon. Following a frantic next couple of sessions, when both men landed heavily, Hope (154) came on strong to batter away at Mattioli in the fifth and sixth before the Australian-based Italian had an excellent seventh when forcing his man to the ropes with heavy lefts. However, it later transpired that the seventh and eighth sessions had been Mattioli’s swan song and with the wrist in a bad way he was retired by his corner before the ninth could get underway.

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