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Junior Welterweight (Super Lightweight/Light Welterweight) Division

This division, contested at 135 to 140lbs, first came into prominence in 1922 when Pinkey Mitchell was proclaimed world champion on 15 November after the result of a ‘poll’ taken by a weekly boxing magazine in Minneapolis called the Boxing Blade. There had been 20 names in the hat and 766,000 casting votes, many of them coming from outside America, but it was Mitchell who led the way with 100,800 to Harvey Thorpe’s 60,400. Following that, on 16 November 1922 it was announced that the publisher would be awarding Mitchell a diamond studded belt emblematic of the junior welterweight championship of the world that he would be asked to defend every six months against a selected opponent in the name of the National Boxing Association. Unfortunately, the NBA - which had been formed on 10 January 1921 when Arkansas, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and Toronto came together as a group - failed to reach agreement among its membership at their convention in January 1923, as to whether they should even support a 140lbs weight class let alone recognise Mitchell as its champion. This decision left Wisconsin in the invidious position of operating the championship without the support of the NBA and although threatening to withdraw from the Association it made no difference

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135lbs to 140lbs

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