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105lbs limit
105lbs limit
10 January Leo Gamez  pts 12 Bong-Jun Kim, Kudok Gym, Pusan, South Korea - WBA. Referee: Lou Moret. Scorecards: 115-114, 116-115, 116-115. Following on from the IBF and WBC, the WBA launched their first ever mini-flyweight world title contest without bothering to go through an elimination process, which culminated in Gamez (104½) being awarded an extremely unpopular decision. According to The Ring magazine, Kim (104½), whom they scored a 118-112 winner, battered his man from pillar to post throughout and won going away while Gamez somehow stayed upright to last the course.

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Minimum Flyweight (Straw Weight) Division

Set at 105lbs and better known as the mini flyweight division, the weight class was instigated by the International Boxing Federation in 1987 with a view to giving better opportunities to its members in the Far-East. A popular weight in the early days of gloved fighting it soon caught on, and within six months the World Boxing Council, followed by the World Boxing Association, had also organised title fights

Weight Band

105lbs limit

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