Booker Beckwith
Global ID10326
birthdate 1919-12-13
death date 1989-08-03 (69)
divisionlight heavyweight
height6′ 1½″   /   187cm
country USA
residenceGary, Indiana, USA
birth placeMonroe, Louisiana, USA
won 25 (KO 14) + lost 8 (KO 3) + drawn 0 = 33
rounds boxed 176 KO% 42.42

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1947-06-12Bob Garner35-23-4
Sports Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana, USALKO610
1947-02-03Jimmy Bivins54-8-1
Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USALKO410
Beckwith was knocked down 5 times. (Associated Press)
1946-11-29Henry Jones9-7-2
Rainbo Fronton, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO210
1946-09-24John Henry Eskew34-6-2
International Amphitheatre, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO910
1946-08-26Bill Petersen37-19-5
Marigold Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO58
1946-07-18Nate Bolden60-31-4
Rainbo Fronton, Chicago, Illinois, USAWTKO610
referee: Tommy Gilmore
1946-06-28Willie Moore10-0-1
Rainbo Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO710
1946-05-31Willie Barrow10-5-0
Coliseum Annex, Chicago, Illinois, USAWDQ510
time: 2:43 | referee: Tommy Gilmore
1946-03-28Willie Barrow9-4-0
Coliseum North Hall, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS88
1944-08-01Billy Duncan34-7-2
El Dor Rey Auditorium, Tucson, Arizona, USAWUD44
1944-07-07Billy Duncan33-6-2
Fort Huachuca, Arizona, USALPTS33
1943-12-14Warren Holland0-1-0
Civic Recreation Center, Bremerton, Washington, USALPTS44
Beckwith (no first name provided) reportedly is a Camp Jordon, WA, African-American heavyweight (he's in the military). It is uncertain whether this is Booker. Daily News Searchlight
1942-07-27Ezzard Charles23-2-1
Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USALKO910
time: 2:19
Charles scored the knockout with a left and a right. Beckwith's head hit the floor with a thud and Booker was out cold for three minutes. Charles was too busy for Beckwith throughout the fight and landed 75% of the punches. It was not as good a fight as had been anticipated as Beckwith became cautious when he found himself being badly outpointed.
1942-05-20Andy Miller25-15-4
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO310
1942-04-10Melio Bettina62-11-2
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS1010
Bettina "decisively oupointed" Beckwith. (Associated Press)
1942-01-16Joey Maxim10-1-0
Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USAWUD1010
referee: Johnny Behr | judge: Harold Marovitz | judge: Livingston Osborne
Maxim was knocked down for a no-count in the 3rd round.
1941-11-07Bob Pastor46-6-4
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USALUD1010
Beckwith was knocked down in the 6th round for a 9-count.
1941-08-27Red Burman75-18-1
Chicago Stadium Outdoor Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS1010
Burman was knocked down twice, once in the first round and once in the third. Beckwith had a big lead after four rounds, but Burman slowed him up after this with body blows and made it a very interesting fight.
1941-07-09Nash Garrison56-25-5
Mills Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO110
time: 1:52
1941-05-28Solly Krieger82-23-6
Chicago Stadium Outdoor Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USAWUD1010
Beckwith hit too hard and was too elusive for Krieger. Solly made a "valiant and late bid" for victory, but Beckwith was quick to counter.
1941-04-25Lee Oma9-6-1
Civic Center, Hammond, Indiana, USAWKO210
From The Ring, July 1941, page 53. Oma was down three times and "scarcely laid a glove on Beckwith."
1941-04-04Altus Allen11-3-1
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO210
From The Ring, June 1941, page 54.
1941-01-10Erv Sarlin28-5-2
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS66
1940-12-23Orlando Trotter15-3-2
Marigold Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS66
1940-09-16Paul Frazier6-3-0
Marigold Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS66
1940-08-05Lou Wallace2-0-0
Marigold Gardens Outdoor Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO44
1940-07-19Bobby Millsap30-14-2
White City Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USAWTKO34
1940-05-17Harry English36-14-4
White City Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS55
1940-05-03Billy Duncan2-0-0
White City Arena, Chicago, Illinois, USAWTKO45
1940-02-12Selman Martin3-7-1
Civic Center, Hammond, Indiana, USAWPTS66
Beckwith did not fight Harry English on this date in Chicago, as shown here previously. He did fight Selman Martin. (Source: Chicago Tribune, Bob Soderman)
1940-01-29Luther Brent1-1-1
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO16
1939-11-27Charley Banks0-3-1
Marigold Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USAWKO15
Beckwith's second professional fight.
1939-10-23Johnny Trotter0-2-0
Marigold Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS44
This was Beckwith's professional debut.


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