Jack Burke
Global ID10538
birthdate 1861-09-10
death date 1897-06-30 (35)
height5′ 6½″   /   169cm
aliasThe Irish Lad
country United Kingdom
residenceLambeth, London, United Kingdom
birth placeKillarney, Ireland
won 41 (KO 20) + lost 11 (KO 3) + drawn 18 = 86
rounds boxed 367 KO% 23.26

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1894-06-02Owen Sullivan5-3-2
Amphitheatre, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South AfricaWKO720
1894-05-12Owen Sullivan4-3-2
Amphitheatre, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South AfricaLKO6
1894-04-07James Robertson Couper8-2-0
Amphitheatre, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South AfricaNCND88
1894-04-01Jimmy Murphy18-7-1
The Amphitheatre, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South AfricaDPTS2020
1891-03-12Ted Pritchard6-0-0
Albany Club, Holloway, London, United KingdomLKO320x3
referee: George Vize
English 154lbs Middleweight Title
Northern Echo (Darlington, England), Saturday, March 14, 1891

1890-09-06Peter Jackson39-3-2
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, AustraliaNCND66
1890-05-04unknown Gorman
Tacoma, Washington, USAWPTS44
1890-05-04Professor Roberts
Tacoma, Washington, USAWPTS33
1889-09-25Larry Foley6-0-5
Foley's Hall, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaNCND33
1889-03-01Peter Boland9-0-6
Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaLPTS?
1889-02-04Frank Slavin20-2-4
Hibernian Hall, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaLKO36
referee: Jack Thompson
1888-11-03Woolf Bendoff0-3-0
Hibernian Hall, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaDPTS66
referee: Jack Thompson
The Sportsman November 5, 1888
1888-09-27George Seale5-4-0
Foley's Hall, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaNCND44
The Sportsman October 3, 1888
1888-08-03Morry Abrahams
Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaLPTS55
1888-07-09Frank Slavin18-2-3
Hibernian Hall, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaDPTS88
referee: Marquis of Queensberry
The Sportsman July 11, 1888
1888-06-09Peter Newton8-2-5
Adelaide, South Australia, AustraliaNCND44
1888-06-02Peter Newton8-2-5
Adelaide, South Australia, AustraliaNCND44
1888-06-01Peter Newton8-2-5
Adelaide, South Australia, AustraliaNCND44
1888-05-12Peter Newton8-2-5
St George's Hall, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaNCND44
1888-05-07Peter Newton8-1-5
Hibernian Hall, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaWKO18
referee: Ted Gurney
The Sportsman May 9, 1888
1888-04-14Billy Buck0-2-0
Adelaide, South Australia, AustraliaNCND44
1888-04-12Billy Buck0-2-0
Adelaide, South Australia, AustraliaNCND44
1888-03-17Jim Fogarty6-3-2
Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaNCND44
1888-01-28Martin Costello2-2-3
Victoria Theatre, Newcastle, New South Wales, AustraliaNCND44
1888-01-23Larry Foley6-0-4
Centennial Hall, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaDPTS66
1887-11-11Barney Donovan26-5-1
Agricultural Hall, Auckland, New ZealandNCND44
The Auckland Evening Star
1887-04-28Jack Dineen
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USAWPTS66
1887-04-15Billy Baker2-0-0
Buffalo, New York, USALPTS44
(Bruke undertook to stop Baker in 4 rds-failed and bout awarded to baker)
1886-12-20George Morrison
The Opera House, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USAWRTD45
1886-11-22Nonpareil Jack Dempsey34-0-7
Mechanic's Pavilion, San Francisco, California, USADPTS1010
Frank Crockett and Jack Hallinan served as joint referees; they could not agree on a decision so a draw was called.
1886-10-15Jim Carr0-1-0
Los Angeles, California, USAWTKO3
1886-07-05Peter J Nolan0-0-1
Chester Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, USALPTS88
referee: Frank Kelly
1886-06-12Peter J Nolan
Chester Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, USADPTS66
referee: Tom Cannon
1886-05-10Charlie Mitchell24-2-8
Battery D Armory, Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS108
referee: William Bradburn
Two extra rounds were ordered by the referee. Sporting News (St. Louis, MO) gave weights as 155 Mitchell and 160 Burke. Washington (DC) Critic reported Burke weighing 164 and Mitchell 165.
1886-04-10Dick Cummings
Memphis, Tennessee, USADPTS55
1886-03-19Harris Martin
Cincinnati, Ohio, USADPTS44
Reported as Harry Black Pearl Martin.
1886-03-08Frank Glover5-3-4
Battery D Armory, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS66
1886-02-14Enos Phillips0-1-0
Nashville, Tennessee, USAWKO2
1886-02-12Ralph Welker0-1-0
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWKO24
1886-02-05Jim Currier
Vine Street Opera House, Cincinnati, Ohio, USAWKO24
Burke was to knock Currier out in four rounds or forfeit $500.
1886-01-30Willie McFarland
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USADPTS44
1886-01-20Joe Cooper0-0-1
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USADPTS44
1886-01-08Ed Kelly
Saint Louis, Missouri, USAWKO4
1886-01-06Ralph Welker
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWKO2
1885-12-28Mike Cleary13-3-4
Battery D Armory, Chicago, Illinois, USAWTKO36
referee: William Bradburn
"Burke weighed something under 165 pounds and Cleary perhaps five pounds less." (Chicago Tribune)
1885-11-23Mike Cleary13-3-3
San Francisco, California, USADPTS99
(Police intervened)

1885-10-23Mike Cleary13-3-2
San Francisco, California, USADPTS88
1885-10-11John P. Clow4-2-3
Armory Hall, Leadville, Colorado, USADPTS44
referee: John G. Morgan
Clow down twice in the 1st round.
1885-09-30John P. Clow3-2-2
Denver, Colorado, USADPTS44
1885-09-05Mike Ritchie
Omaha, Nebraska, USAWKO1
1885-08-29Mike Haley
Des Moines, Iowa, USAWKO1
1885-08-07John W Curtis0-1-0
Opera House, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USAWKO3
1885-08-04Peter Michael
La Crosse, Wisconsin, USAWKO2
1885-07-28Frank Witten
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWKO1
1885-07-25William Wells
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAWKO1
1885-07-10C Effers
Casino Theatre, Saint Louis, Missouri, USAWKO1
1885-06-29Charlie Mitchell24-2-7
Battery D Armory, Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS66
1885-06-13John L. Sullivan33-0-0
Driving Park, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS55
Jack Burke was only a middleweight.
1885-05-28John S Barnes1-0-0
Market Hall, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USAWPTS2
referee: Pat Conley
Fight was stopped by police, at which point Conley awarded the fight to Burke. There were no knockdowns. 5-29-1885. St. Paul Daily Globe
1885-03-23Alf Greenfield3-6-1
Battery D Armory, Chicago, Illinois, USANCND76
There were two referees. Burke's referee claimed his man had the better of the fight, while Greenfield's wanted it declared a draw, and they disagreed even after an extra round was fought.
1885-03-17John Gillespie
Elizabeth, New Jersey, USADPTS22
(Police intervened)
1885-03-02Alf Greenfield3-5-1
Battery D Armory, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS55
1885-02-02Captain James Dalton3-2-1
Battery D Armory, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS55
1884-12-01Jake Kilrain10-0-5
New England Institute, Boston, Massachusetts, USANCND44
1884-11-24Charlie Mitchell22-2-6
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USANCND38
1884-10-21Charlie Mitchell22-2-5
Germania Assembly Rooms, New York, New York, USADPTS44
Mitchell floored Burke twice.
1884-08-23Jack Welsh0-1-0
Industrial Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS44
1884-08-11Bill England0-1-0
Clarks Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWKO1
1884-07-28Mike Cleary10-1-1
Irving Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS44
1883-06-29Alf Greenfield2-2-0
Free Trade Hall, Manchester, Lancashire, United KingdomLPTS33x3
Final of Jem Mace's England All Weight Competition
1883-06-28J Nixey
Free Trade Hall, Manchester, Lancashire, United KingdomWPTS33x3
Semi-final Jem Mace's English All-weight Competition
1883-04-03Jim Garwood
London, United KingdomWKO8
(23 minutes)
1883-02-17Tom Connors
London, United KingdomWKO6
(17 minutes)
1883-02-14William Coddy Middings2-1-0
Bob Habbijams West End School of Arms, Newman St, Soho, London, United KingdomWPTS33x3
Semi-final English 154lbs £40 Silver Cup Competition
BBBC Boxing Yearbook 2005

1883-02-14Jack Massey4-2-0
Bob Habbijams West End School of Arms, Newman St, Soho, London, United KingdomWPTS43x3
Final English 154lbs £40 Silver Cup Competition
Referee ordered another round to make a decision
Reynolds's Newspaper (London, England), Sunday, February 18, 1883

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