Al Norton
Global ID10584
birthdate 1891-00-00
death date 1959-00-00 (68)
aliasYoung Al Kaufman?
country USA
residenceKansas City, Missouri, USA
birth nameAlbert Breaux
won 10 (KO 5) + lost 11 (KO 5) + drawn 7 = 29
rounds boxed 155
Newspaper Decisions won : lost : drawn 1
rounds boxed 10
Total Bouts 30 KO% 16.67

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1920-06-10Lee Anderson12-5-6
Coliseum, San Francisco, California, USANCNC34
referee: Toby Irwin
Referee halted bout due to excess holding by Anderson, and ruled a No-Contest
1920-03-23Joe Cox9-9-1
Greenville Schützen Park, Bayonne, New Jersey, USALKO28
Cox floored Norton five times in the two rounds fought.
1919-10-29Joe Willis13-9-6
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWPTS44
1919-10-10Boy McCormick14-4-1
Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USADPTS44
Norton down in the 2nd
1919-09-19Jimmy Darcy30-18-25
Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USADPTS44
referee: Toby Irwin
1917-08-01Jack Dempsey24-3-7
Arena, Emeryville, California, USALKO14
1917-07-03Willie Meehan68-11-29
Goldfield, Nevada, USALPTS1010
1917-04-11Jack Dempsey23-3-6
West Oakland Club, Oakland, California, USADPTS44
1917-03-21Jack Dempsey23-2-5
West Oakland Club, Oakland, California, USADPTS44
1917-02-22Willie Meehan66-10-28
Arena, Emeryville, California, USADPTS44
Press felt Norton won
1917-02-07Willie Meehan66-10-27
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USADPTS44
1917-01-10Soldier Elder10-6-4
Auditorium, Oakland, California, USAWKO24
1916-11-30Willie Meehan64-10-27
Arena, Emeryville, California, USALPTS44
referee: Bob Shand
Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title
1916-11-22Terry Kellar17-21-10
West Oakland Club, Oakland, California, USAWPTS44
1916-10-25Charley Miller20-16-13
West Oakland Club, Oakland, California, USAWPTS44
1916-10-11Bill Schaefer2-3-0
West Oakland Club, Oakland, California, USAWKO24
1916-09-27Bob McAllister9-1-5
West Oakland Club, Oakland, California, USALPTS44
Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title
1915-12-20Jack Dillon70-2-9
Memphis, Tennessee, USALTKO48
1915-11-08Jack Moran0-2-0
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USAWKO7
1915-08-17Joe Cox8-5-1
Leavenworth, Kansas, USAWKO2
1915-06-16Al Reich13-2-0
Kansas City, Missouri, USALKO210
1915-03-08Sailor Jack Carroll24-6-5
Kansas City, Missouri, USAWPTS1010
1915-02-12Carl Morris28-3-1
Kansas City, Missouri, USALPTS1010
1915-01-01Tom McMahon14-6-3
Kansas City, Missouri, USAWPTS1010
1914-12-17Joe Bonds15-3-6
Glide Rink, Tacoma, Washington, USALPTS44
1914-09-07Fireman Jim Flynn48-17-15
Kansas City, Missouri, USALKO610
1914-07-03Joe Bonds10-2-6
Holland Park, Butte, Montana, USAWTKO612
referee: John H. McIntosh
Referee McIntosh stopped the bout, per the day-after Tacoma Daily News.
1914-05-15Bob Moha12-1-3
15th Street Garage, Kansas City, Missouri, USADNWS1010
1914-04-28Jack Dillon56-2-7
Grand Avenue A.C., Kansas City, Missouri, USALPTS1010
referee: Walter Bates
1914-02-27Kid Kenneth6-2-2
Arena, Vernon, California, USADPTS2020
referee: Charles Eyton
Postponed from Feb 21 due to water damages at the Arena. Norton also refered to as "Young Al Kaufman".


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