George Siddons
Global ID10695
birthdate 1870-00-00
height5′ 5″   /   165cm
country USA
residenceHartford, Connecticut, USA
birth nameWilliam Smith
won 26 (KO 13) + lost 20 (KO 5) + drawn 23 = 69
rounds boxed 1077
Newspaper Decisions won : lost 1 : drawn 2
rounds boxed 14
Total Bouts 72 KO% 18.06

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1904-02-15Dick Lewis1-3-3
Tivoli Theater, Lewistown, Montana, USADPTS2020
referee: George Arbuckle
Lewis often referred to as "Dude" Lewis and had to forfeit $25 for not making the stipulated weight. He (Lewis) resorted to his usual right and left swings, which, for the most part, landed harmlessly on the gloves of the clever Siddons.--(Fergus County Argus), 2/17/1904
1904-01-07Jim Heyward6-8-3
Tivoli Opera House, Lewistown, Montana, USADPTS2020
referee: George Arbuckle
"Heyward was by far the fastest of the two men, both with his hands and on his feet, but this speed was offset by the superior ring generalship of Siddons. The white boy (Siddons) showed the advantage of a long career by the manner in which he blocked the colored lad's blows."--(Fergus County Argus), 1/13/1904
1903-12-04Dick Lewis1-2-2
Helena Theater, Helena, Montana, USADPTS2020
referee: Kid Oglesby
Results from the Idaho Statesman.
1902-09-11Danny Webster
Mansfield, Ohio, USADPTS1515
referee: Jack Harrington
1902-01-24Bonnie O'Brien7-4-1
Warren, Pennsylvania, USALTKO820
1901-12-08Jimmy Hoy
Richmond, Ohio, USAWKO9
Saturday bout started after midnight; bout had been delayed a week by Gov. Nash. Source Cincinnati Enquirer. Both fighters indicted after the bout.
1900-12-23Doc McFeeters
Cleveland, Ohio, USAWKO2
1900-09-12Denny Gallagher2-6-3
Ashtabula, Ohio, USADPTS1515
referee: Jerry Doyle
Results from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
1900-06-25Mosey King1-3-1
Spring Field Bicycle club, Springfield, Massachusetts, USADPTS1010
referee: Tom Fahey
Results from the Pawtucket Times.
1900-06-07Tommy Moran9-1-7
Union A.C., Waterbury, Connecticut, USALTKO1212
1900-01-25Kid Burt0-1-1
Bristol, Connecticut, USAWKO6
1899-12-15Marty McCue27-11-23
Stamford A.C., Stamford, Connecticut, USALPTS2020
1899-07-17Marty McCue22-11-19
Coney Island A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALDQ8
referee: Hickey
1899-03-25Charley Miner9-2-0
Greenwood A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALPTS2020
referee: Owen Ziegler
1898-11-16George 'Elbows' McFadden16-3-10
Hartford A.C., Hartford, Connecticut, USAWPTS2020
Results from the New Haven (CT) Register.
1898-09-26Jack Waldron5-3-4
Trenton A.C., Trenton, New Jersey, USALPTS2020
referee: George Kreps
1898-07-04Martin Flaherty18-7-15
Nutmeg A.C., Hartford, Connecticut, USALPTS1515
1898-05-07Billy Higgins
Grand Opera House, New Haven, Connecticut, USAWPTS44
referee: Dolph Russell
Results from the New Haven (CT) Register.
1898-03-28Danny McBride12-3-5
Hyperion Theater, New Haven, Connecticut, USALPTS1010
referee: Samuel C. Austin
Fought at 128 pounds.
1898-01-18Walter Burgo2-0-0
Bridgeport, Connecticut, USAWPTS1010
1897-11-11Walter Campbell3-3-5
Jacque's Auditorium, Waterbury, Connecticut, USAWTD410
Campbell quit, saying he had not had the gloves on in five years and could not give a decent performance. Brooklyn Daily Eagle
1897-09-21Martin Flaherty13-6-14
New London A.C., New London, Connecticut, USALPTS2020
1897-04-16Lew Webster1-1-0
City Hall, Waterbury, Connecticut, USAWPTS1010
1896-12-24.P.H. Hine
Poughkeepsie, New York, USAWPTS44
Results from the Jersey Journal.
1896-12-01Mike McManus1-0-0
Myers A.C., Albany, New York, USAWPTS1010
1896-07-28Howard Wilson12-6-3
Washington, Indiana, USAWDQ7
Results from the Evansville Courier and Press.
1896-02-29William Bachman2-1-0
Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USADNWS?
Results from the Philadelphia Inquirer.
1896-01-18Barney Reilly1-0-1
Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS44
Results from the Philadelphia Record.
1895-11-28Joe Gans27-2-7
Eureka Athletic Club, Baltimore, Maryland, USALKO725
time: 2:50 | referee: Harry Mitchell
Siddons down in the 7th round. Weigh-in at 125 pounds at 3 PM.
1895-11-27Elwood McCloskey1-2-1
10th Ward Democratic A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USADPTS10
Results from the Philadelphia Inquirer. The referee declared it a draw, but most felt Siddons had the better of it.
1895-07-15Joe Gans26-2-5
Eureka Athletic Club, Baltimore, Maryland, USADPTS2020
referee: Howard Knight
Siddons down in the 3rd round, Gans down in the 15th.
1895-05-15Solly Smith16-5-7
Manhattan A.C., New York, New York, USALUD88
referee: Charles H. Sagel | judge: John Wilson Gibbs | judge: W H Henry
Fought at 120 pounds.
1895-04-23Tom Gaffney
Wood`s Hall, Jersey City, New Jersey, USADPTS66
referee: Joe Early
Fought at 125 pounds.
1895-03-21Jerry Barnett7-2-4
Imperial Club, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWPTS810
referee: Walter C Kelly
1895-03-18Tommy White9-3-6
Waverly Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USALPTS66
referee: George Siler
1895-03-11Jack Downey12-1-3
Active A.C., Paterson, New Jersey, USADPTS66
1895-01-03Johnny Lavack7-0-0
Cleveland A.C., Cleveland, Ohio, USADPTS1212
referee: Walter C Kelly
1894-11-29Billy Gaffney0-1-0
Michigan A.C., Detroit, Michigan, USADNWS1010
Results from the Boston Daily Globe.
1894-10-12Billy Gaffney
Jackson, Michigan, USAWPTS44
Results from the Saginaw News.
1894-08-30Jack Bolan
Eureka AC, near Washington, District of Columbia, USALPTS10
referee: John Duffy
Results from the Washington (DC) Times.
1894-06-16Frank Erne9-0-4
Academy of Music, Buffalo, New York, USADPTS1010
referee: Yank Sullivan
1894-05-14Young Jack Egan
Harrison, New Jersey, USAWKO10
Results from the NY Herald.
1894-05-12Frank Erne8-0-4
Court Street Theatre, Buffalo, New York, USALPTS66
1894-04-16Eddie Loeber3-2-2
Grand Central Palace, New York, New York, USALPTS66
time: 2:30 | referee: Charles Segel
Loeber was battering Siddons when the police stopped the bout.
1894-03-03Danny Russell0-1-1
Newark, New Jersey, USAWDQ27
referee: Charles Norton
Results from the NY Herald. This bout was fought in a road house on the outskirts of Newark. Russell rushed Siddons and tossed him over the ropes and into the crowd several times. In the 27th round Russell rushed Siddons to the ropes and both fell over, resuming their fight on the floor "in the regular old fashioned, rough and tumble style" until they were put back into the ring. Then Russell twice grabbed Siddons by the legs and slammed him onto the floor, prompting the referee to disqualify him. Russell floored in second. Siddons ahead at the time of the DQ.
1893-10-24Jerry Sanford
Brackney, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO11
1893-08-10Jack Skelly1-2-0
Windsor Theater, New York, New York, USALPTS44
1893-03-20George Dixon26-1-11
Coney Island A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS1212
Dixon subbed for Skelly
1892-09-29Solly Smith12-0-2
California A.C., San Francisco, California, USADPTS56
referee: Hiram Cook
1892-08-08Eddie Pierce1-0-0
Coney Island A.C., Coney Island, New York, USADPTS4141
referee: Al Smith
1892-05-28Johnny Van Heest38-2-4
Metropolitan Club, New Orleans, Louisiana, USADPTS46
referee: Professor John Duffy
"The fight, owing to a peculiar system of management which fed the crowd on a variety show instead of bringing about the main event, did not begin until a few minutes to 10. It lasted until 1 o'clock, and as both men were fresh, both unhurt and both inactive to a large extent, the referee was requested to call it a draw, in order not to violate the Sunday law--that was the excuse announced." (New Orleans Daily Picayune)
1892-04-27Johnny Van Heest37-2-4
Metropolitan Club, New Orleans, Louisiana, USALKO7
referee: Professor John Duffy
1892-01-21Tommy Warren23-3-6
Metropolitan A.C., New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWKO9
referee: Professor John Duffy
1891-11-07Charles Fox
Metropolitan Club, New Orleans, Louisiana, USAWKO15
Results from the New Orleans Times-Picayune.
1891-07-03Tommy White0-2-2
Turner Hall, Chicago, Illinois, USADPTS66
referee: Jack Beaton
1891-05-09Tommy White0-2-1
Princess Rink, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USADPTS49
referee: Jerry Daly
1891-04-05Sparrow Lewis0-2-0
Peoria, Illinois, USAWKO3
Results from the Duluth News-Tribune.
1891-01-02Robert Raymond
Peoria, Illinois, USADPTS88
referee: Dick Roche
Siddons failed to stop Raymond in 8 rounds as agreed (Waterloo Daily Courier).
1890-12-17William Glenn
Peoria, Illinois, USAWKO8
Results from the Duluth News-Tribune.
1890-08-03Tommy White0-1-0
Thayer, Indiana, USAWTKO41
referee: Malachy Hogan
Siddons down in the 14th (The Chicago Herald) or 15th (The Daily Inter Ocean) round. White was down three times in the 41th, when his seconds threw up the sponge.
1890-05-27Tom Devine0-1-0
Jamestown, North Dakota, USAWRTD5
Results from the Bismark Tribune. Devine quit, claiming he was fouled repeatedly.
1890-05-18 Kallack
Fort Yates, North Dakota, USAWDQ29
"The long talked of mill between Kallack, the Hollander of LaGrace, and Wm. F. Ambrosia, a private of F troop, Eighth cavalry, came off yesterday afternoon at a point about five miles below Winona... Ambrosia enlisted as a soldier about nine months ago under an assumed name. He is none other than George Siddons, the famous light weight pugilist who has fought and defeated such notables of the ring as Ike Weir, the Belfast "spider," Tommy Warren and others. This information is furnished by Ed Patterson, Bismarck's recognized sporting authority." (Bismark (ND) Daily Tribune)
1889-04-25George (Kid) Lavigne11-0-2
Al Carroll's Roadhouse at Reed's Lake, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USADPTS55
Billed for the featherweight championship of the North-West. Two ounce gloves with most of the horse hair removed were used. Although officially ruled a draw, Siddons’ camp and the newspapers both concluded Lavigne was the winner and new featherweight champion of the Northwest.
1889-02-28George (Kid) Lavigne10-0-1
Barn behind Old Man Putnam's Roadhouse, Saginaw, Michigan, USADPTS77
referee: John Connelly
Bay City Times reported an 80-round draw, and the bout being billed for the lightweight championship of the North-West. Saginaw Evening News gave a more detailed report, with the result of a draw being agreed on by the principals in the 77th round.
Estimated weights according to Bay City Times. Saginaw Evening News reported no exact weights. This bout lasted 5 hours and 8 minutes, the longest to date under Marquess of Queensbury Rules.

1888-10-19Henry Jones
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USAWTKO33
"In the thirty-third round Jones clinched and both men fell, Jones breaking an arm in falling, and the fight was given to Siddons." (Chicago Daily Inter Ocean)
1888-09-04Tommy Miller0-2-0
Near Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWDQ8
referee: Tom Esterbrook
Another wire reports 7th round as the final.
1888-06-16Bart Shay
Peoria, Illinois, USAWKO8
Results from the Evansville Courier and Press. The bout took place across the river from Peoria in 20 foot ring erected in a "dense thicket."
1888-04-07Tommie (Pat) Burke
Tower, Minnesota, USALPTS25
Results from the Duluth Daily News.
1888-02-03Ike Weir10-0-5
Duluth, Minnesota, USALTKO1115
referee: Prof. John Donaldson
Siddons claimed he was fouled and refused to continue.
1887-12-09John Connors1-0-0
Duluth Theatre, Duluth, Minnesota, USADPTS1515
referee: Pat Killen
1887-10-22Tommy Warren14-1-4
Parlor Rink, Duluth, Minnesota, USALPTS88
referee: F Barnett
1887-04-18Eugene Atkins
Indiana, USADPTS12
Results from the Philadelphia Record. The bout took place just across the border between Illinois and Indiana. Siddons was billed as the "Champion Featherweight of Pennsylvania" and Atkins the "Champion Featherweight of Michigan". The fight was stopped and declared a draw due to weather (rain and cold). Siddons had the better of it up to that point.


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