Brian Kelly
Global ID10870
birthdate 1938-03-21
divisionlight heavyweight
height5′ 10″   /   178cm
reach72″   /   183cm
country USA
residenceOklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
birth placeCushing, Oklahoma, USA
birth nameKelly Dee Burden
won 45 (KO 26) + lost 12 (KO 5) + drawn 0 = 57
rounds boxed 361 KO% 45.61

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1974-03-14Charles Atlas5-6-0
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USALKO3
1974-02-05Mike Quarry39-4-3
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USALUD1010
1974-01-18Jimmy Cross19-7-1
Memorial Hall, Joplin, Missouri, USAWTKO610
referee: Pug Walker
according to Dick Reekie of Boxing News Harrington was in fact Jimmy Cross a well know user of aliaii
1973-11-14Pete Ellison Knight5-20-3
Memorial Hall, Joplin, Missouri, USAWTKO310
time: 1:26
The show had three professional bouts and several amateur bouts.
1973-10-16Larry Brasier32-11-1
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1212
1973-07-17Jimmy Cross17-4-0
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1973-07-03Bob Crutison0-5-0
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1973-06-19Johnny Riggs
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWKO210
time: 2:10
1973-06-05Jimmy Cross15-3-0
Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1973-04-09Chris Finnegan24-4-1
Hilton Hotel, Mayfair, London, United KingdomLTKO410x3
time: 2:09 | referee: Harry Gibbs
1972-11-30Jimmy Cross11-2-0
West Memphis, Arkansas, USAWPTS1010
1972-11-09Rich Williams0-2-0
West Memphis, Arkansas, USAWKO5
1972-10-11Ray Vega7-20-1
Memphis, Tennessee, USAWKO2
1972-09-05Jimmy Phillips1-2-1
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWKO3
1972-05-16Pat O'Connor29-0-0
Auditorium, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USALTKO110
time: 2:05 | referee: Billy McCabe
Kelly down 3 times. St. Paul Pioneer Press 5-17-72. Attendance: 3,700 Gate: $18,000
1972-03-27Sarel Aucamp16-3-0
Wembley Stadium, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South AfricaLDQ610
referee: Stanley Christodoulou
1972-03-08Jim Fisher
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWKO1
1972-02-08Scott Wisooker10-21-1
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWKO4
1971-12-16Bob Foster45-5-0
Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USALTKO315
time: 1:56 | referee: Earl Keel
WBC World light heavyweight title
Kelly was down twice in the 2nd, and once in the 3rd.
1971-10-26James Tyler Singleton0-7-0
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWKO3
1971-10-02Bruce Scott7-16-0
Community Center, Cushing, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1971-08-10Roger Rouse37-16-5
Assembly Hall, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAWUD1010
Rouse was knocked down in the 7th round.
1971-07-03Willis Earls12-14-2
Cushing, Oklahoma, USAWKO5
1971-06-01Alonzo Harris14-21-6
Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWTKO1020
Promoter Pat O'Grady scheduled this bout for 20 rounds.
1971-05-18Billy Marsh51-75-16
Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1971-04-15Joe Murphy Goodwin1-10-1
Austin, Texas, USAWTKO2
1971-04-06George Price
Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWKO310
1971-03-23Cassius Clay Scott6-19-0
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1971-03-02Alonzo Harris12-19-6
Fairgrounds International Building , Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWUD1212
USA Oklahoma State light heavyweight title
1971-02-02Allen Moten6-28-0
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWKO2
1971-01-19Harold Brown2-7-0
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWKO1
1970-12-01Tommy Sims35-32-4
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1970-10-20Spider Jenkins0-1-0
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWKO3
1970-09-01Larry Brasier26-8-1
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1970-08-18Freddie Calloway5-16-0
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWKO5
1970-06-09Frank Evans2-10-0
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1970-05-05Paul Patin34-6-1
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWUD1010
1970-04-28Ben Stevens
Crushing, Oklahoma, USAWKO1
1970-03-17Robert Williams
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1010
1970-02-03Cassius Clay Scott6-16-0
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWKO910
1969-11-25Alonzo Harris12-18-6
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWPTS1212
1969-10-14Ricardo Williams4-1-0
Stockyards Coliseum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USALPTS66
1968-01-29Bob Harrington9-2-4
Arena, Saint Louis, Missouri, USALUD1010
1967-12-12James Wilson
Arena, Saint Louis, Missouri, USAWKO2
time: 2:01
1967-10-16Rudy Rodriguez16-11-6
Arena, Saint Louis, Missouri, USAWPTS1010
Rodriguez was knocked down once in the fourth round and once in the ninth round.
1967-10-03Bob Harrington8-1-4
Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas, USALTKO610
1967-05-23Alonzo Harris10-14-6
Saint Louis, Missouri, USAWKO8
1967-03-21Jack McCracken13-16-0
Kansas City, Missouri, USAWTKO410
referee: Jerry Morales
1967-02-28Art Hernandez30-5-2
Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas, USALUD1010
1967-01-10Henry Burton8-24-5
Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, USAWKO410
1966-12-12Art Hernandez28-5-1
Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALUD1010
referee: Paul Konnor
1966-10-25Tom Smiley Johnson2-4-0
Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, USAWKO210
time: 1:05
1966-05-23Art Hernandez28-4-1
Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas, USAWTKO310
time: 2:04 | referee: Sammy Anch
1966-05-02Ray Vega6-4-1
Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, Missouri, USAWUD1010
1965-10-13Tiger Joe Davis0-1-0
Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas, USAWKO3
1965-08-09Joe Davis
Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, USAWPTS66
1962-10-23Eddie Mendez
Candlestick Park, San Francisco, California, USALPTS44


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