Dave Zyglewicz
Global ID10885
birthdate 1943-09-21
height5′ 10″   /   178cm
reach71″   /   180cm
country USA
residenceHouston, Texas, USA
birth placeWatervliet, New York, USA
won 32 (KO 18) + lost 4 (KO 2) + drawn 0 = 36
rounds boxed 206 KO% 50

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1982-10-01Clyde Mudgett18-14-0
Colonie Coliseum, Latham, New York, USAWKO210
time: 1:44 | referee: Ben Murello
1975-09-26Bobby Walker6-5-0
Latham, New York, USALTKO5
1972-04-11Curtis Whitner0-1-0
Beaumont, Texas, USAWKO2
1970-04-15Al Banks8-10-0
Houston, Texas, USAWPTS1010
USA Texas State heavyweight title
1969-08-09Charley Polite10-12-3
Troy, New York, USALPTS1010
1969-07-29Willis Earls4-9-1
Fair Park, Beaumont, Texas, USAWTKO210
USA Texas State heavyweight title
Two vicious left hooks and a right chop to the side sent Earls to the deck with five seconds left in the round. Under Texas rules, the count continued. Earls failed to make it to his feet. (AP) Weights given for both fighters differ. AP reported them as 192 Zyglewicz, 202 Earls. UPI reported 195 Zyglewicz, 197 Earls.
1969-04-22Joe Frazier22-0-0
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USALKO115
time: 1:36 | referee: Jimmy Webb
NYSAC World heavyweight title
This bout was also recognized as being for the World Heavyweight Title by Texas as well by IL, PA, ME, and MA
1968-11-19Pedro Sanchez5-8-2
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USAWKO18
time: 1:29 | referee: Jimmy Webb
1968-09-24Bob Felstein13-4-1
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USAWUD1010
1968-07-16Willie Johnson16-27-2
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USAWTKO410
time: 2:38 | referee: Jimmy Webb
1968-06-25Levi Forte18-19-2
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USAWKO310
time: 2:02
Forte floored three times in the third.
1968-04-18Sam Wyatt6-7-2
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USALUD1010
0-10 | 0-10 | 0-9
California Boxing Commission suspends Zyglewicz for not knowing how to defend himself properly.
1968-03-19Johnny Featherman27-9-1
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USAWUD1010
97-93 | 98-93 | 98-92
1967-11-21Bill McMurray24-17-2
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USAWUD1010
referee: Earl Keel 99-93 | judge: Ernie Taylor 98-95 | judge: Jimmy Webb 96-94
Both fighters were cut above the eyes.
1967-10-30Mike Bruce7-7-1
Guptill's Arena, Latham, New York, USAWTKO68
time: 1:34 | referee: Chick Gainor
1967-10-10Sonny Moore19-24-2
Houston, Texas, USAWUD1010
1967-08-01Willi Besmanoff51-33-8
Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USAWTKO310
time: 2:47
Besmanoff down three times in Round 3.
1967-07-10Eddie Parotte0-1-1
South Troy Arena, Troy, New York, USAWTKO48
time: 1:42 | referee: Arthur Mercante
Parotte never came out for fourth, but fight not called until 1:42.
1967-06-06Everett Copeland4-9-3
Houston, Texas, USAWPTS1010
1967-05-18Max Martinez5-3-0
Beaumont, Texas, USAWPTS1212
1967-05-10Billy Daniels20-15-3
Houston, Texas, USAWUD1010
1967-04-17Dave Centi11-10-0
Houston, Texas, USAWKO36
time: 2:57
1967-02-06Roy Rogers9-6-1
Astrodome, Houston, Texas, USAWUD66
1967-01-17Charlie Hall7-32-3
Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USAWKO210
time: 2:56
Hall was knocked down three times in the second round.
1966-12-13Archie Ray20-7-2
Houston, Texas, USAWTKO510
1966-11-14Ray Vega6-7-1
Astrodome, Houston, Texas, USAWKO46
1966-07-26Sonny Moore19-20-2
Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USAWSD1010
referee: Jimmy Webb
USA Texas State heavyweight title
1966-06-28Bob Slaughter8-9-2
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USAWPTS66
1966-05-03Duke Johnson22-14-4
Houston, Texas, USAWKO210
1966-04-01Max Martinez3-1-0
Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, Texas, USAWKO610
time: 0:54 | referee: Leonard Zuniga
USA Texas State heavyweight title
1966-03-01Bob Simmons12-9-4
Houston, Texas, USAWUD1010
USA Texas State heavyweight title
1966-02-08Ray Martin10-7-1
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USAWKO18
USA Texas State heavyweight title
1965-11-02Ray Martin10-6-1
Dance Town, Houston, Texas, USAWUD88
USA Texas State heavyweight title
1965-10-19Clarence Boone2-11-1
Dance Town, Houston, Texas, USAWKO18
1965-09-14Jerry Keyes0-3-0
Dance Town, Houston, Texas, USAWTKO14
1965-04-26James Oliver0-1-1
Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas, USAWUD66
Pro debut for Zyglewicz.


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