Jan de Bruin
Global ID109869
birthdate 1923-02-16
country Netherlands
residenceRotterdam, Netherlands
birth placeRotterdam, Netherlands
won 54 (KO 23) + lost 10 (KO 6) + drawn 6 = 70
rounds boxed 488 KO% 32.86

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1953-04-20Charles Bimbo Kieffer4-5-2
Rotterdam, NetherlandsWDQ58
1953-03-03Christian Lunaud7-11-4
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS88
1952-02-11Tino Pierluigi14-3-7
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1951-11-27Claude Ritter22-12-5
Ahoy'-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1951-11-19Ivano Fontana13-1-2
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsLTKO810
Stopped on cuts
1951-06-10Sugar Ray Robinson125-1-2
Sportpaleis, Antwerpen, Antwerpen, BelgiumLTKO810
Robinson was declared the winner by technical knockout when "Jan de Bruin took a walk from the ring in the eighth round. The Dutchman said he left the ring because Robinson apparently didn't put forth his best efforts when he had his opponent cornered in the sixth and seventh rounds." (Associated Press)
1951-05-07Randolph Turpin38-2-1
Butts Stadium, Coventry, West Midlands, United KingdomLKO615x3
EBU (European) middleweight title
1951-04-20Werner Dietrich4-25-11
Polizeisporthalle der Altonaer, Hamburg, GermanyWPTS88
1951-03-13Rene Knockaert4-5-0
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWTKO510
1950-11-27Claude Ritter22-10-4
Ahoy'-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1950-10-02Jo Vincenzi16-15-1
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1950-04-13Gilbert Stock27-18-5
Amsterdam, NetherlandsLTKO510
1950-04-03Michel Lapourielle20-9-2
Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1950-02-27Georges Royer12-3-1
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWTKO810
1950-01-18Michele Marini0-11-0
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1949-11-21Serge Barthelemy15-13-2
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1949-10-10Victor Bonneau0-1-0
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWKO510
1949-06-03Dave Sands66-9-1
New St James Hall, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, United KingdomLPTS1010x3
1949-02-18Eugene Leclerc8-28-1
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1948-11-30Eugene Marchand12-11-0
RAI, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWTKO910
1948-11-01Serge Barthelemy10-6-2
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsLTKO810
1948-07-15Giel de Roode30-8-0
Apollohal, Amsterdam, NetherlandsDTD610
Both fighters were injured
1948-04-06Jackie Phillips16-21-4
Apollohal, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1948-03-01Ric Sanders48-11-6
Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1947-10-13Jan de Pauw25-26-5
Rotterdam, NetherlandsWTKO1010
De Pauw was knocked down three times in round 10
1947-08-10Jan Nicolaas38-9-9
Stadion Feijenoord, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWTKO910
1947-06-10Harry Bos5-2-1
Apollohal, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWTKO78
Corner threw in towel.
1947-05-02Harry Bos5-1-1
Apollohal, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWPTS88
1947-04-15Jan Nicolaas38-7-9
Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1947-02-03Jan Nicolaas37-7-9
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsLPTS1010
1947-01-19Ali Belaid3-3-0
Paris, Paris, FranceDPTS1010
1946-11-25Jan Nicolaas37-7-8
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsDPTS1010
1946-11-11Wim te Nuyl11-7-1
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1946-10-07Wim te Nuyl11-6-1
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWTD610
1946-08-07Pierre Crion19-23-10
D.D.V. Tennisstadion, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWPTS88
1946-07-09Willie Whyte12-3-0
Apollohal, Amsterdam, NetherlandsLPTS1010
1946-02-15? Jim
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWPTS?
1946-01-21Eugene Bertouille0-10-0
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1945-12-10Rock Gianola3-1-5
Den Haag, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1945-11-29Fernand Floreal0-2-0
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWTKO210
1945-11-05Staf Jacobs5-6-1
Riviera-hal, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS1010
1945-09-12Jan de Pauw22-18-5
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWKO6
1945-09-01Beb Diessen4-23-6
R.F.C. Terrein, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWTKO5
1944-07-09Daaf Baan9-13-8
HSV-Platz, Rotherbaum, Hamburg, GermanyWTKO68
From Box-Sport, 21 July 1944, page 1.
1944-06-12Beb Diessen4-22-6
Odeon, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWKO48
1944-05-30Jan de Pauw22-16-5
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWKO68
1944-05-26Daaf Baan9-12-8
Gebouw van K&W, Den Haag, NetherlandsWTKO68
1944-05-14Daaf Baan8-12-8
Flora Theater, Altona, Hamburg, GermanyLKO68
From Box-Sport, July 21, 1944, page 2.
1944-05-02Nol Klein13-11-5
Odeon, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWKO5
1944-04-27Daaf Baan8-11-8
Haagsche Zoo, Den Haag, NetherlandsWTKO2
1944-02-28Daaf Baan8-10-7
Odeon, Rotterdam, NetherlandsDTD6
Baan suffered an eye injury
1943-11-10Beb Diessen2-16-4
Odeon, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWKO48
1943-10-27Jan Nicolaas22-1-5
Gebouw van K&W, Den Haag, NetherlandsLPTS88
1943-09-30Bep de Reus8-10-7
Schouwburg Kunstmin, Dordrecht, NetherlandsWKO58
1943-09-27Gerrit van de Broek3-0-0
Gebouw van K&W, Den Haag, NetherlandsWTKO38
1943-09-15Beb Diessen1-13-4
Apollohal, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWPTS66
1943-06-15Beb Diessen1-12-4
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWPTS66
1943-06-09Rienus Deurloo6-3-2
Odeon, Rotterdam, NetherlandsDPTS66
1943-06-02Beb Diessen1-11-4
Gouda, NetherlandsWKO1
1943-05-20Jan de Pauw15-7-2
Odeon, Rotterdam, NetherlandsDPTS33
1943-04-27Karel Bisschop jr9-10-1
Haagsche Zoo, Den Haag, NetherlandsWTD56
Stopped when Bisschop suffered an eye injury
1943-04-10Karel Bisschop jr9-9-1
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWTKO56
1943-03-31Beb Diessen1-10-3
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWTD56
Stopped when de Bruin suffered an injury to his eye
1943-03-03Al Knuts
Odeon, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS88
1943-02-15Kid Charles
Odeon, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS88
1943-01-25Albert Raus
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, NetherlandsWTKO46
1943-01-15Kid Smiling2-17-2
Odeon, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWTD26
Stopped when Smiling suffered an injury to his ear
1942-12-21Karel Bisschop jr8-6-1
Odeon, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWTKO66
1942-11-24? Nagtegaal
Odeon, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS66
1942-11-03Rienus Deurloo0-1-0
Odeon, Rotterdam, NetherlandsWPTS66
Pro debut for De Bruin.


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