Frank Reiche
Global ID11424
birthdate 1949-12-01
country Germany
residenceBerlin, Germany
birth placeBerlin, Germany
won 29 (KO 21) + lost 11 (KO 6) + drawn 3 = 43
rounds boxed 234 KO% 48.84

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1978-11-06Frank Wissenbach23-2-0
Berlin, GermanyLPTS1212
Germany BDB middleweight title
1977-12-02Wolfgang Gans12-8-6
Hamburg, GermanyWPTS1212
Germany BDB middleweight title
1977-09-30Bunny Sterling34-17-4
Hamburg, GermanyLTKO410
1977-09-09Georg Steinherr6-0-0
Munich, Bayern, GermanyWTKO612
Germany BDB middleweight title
1977-07-17Ronnie Harris24-0-0
Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida, USALTKO210
time: 2:59
1977-03-25Damiano Lassandro21-3-1
Bremen, GermanyWKO510
1977-01-31Peter Scheibner10-11-1
Bremen, GermanyWKO912
Germany BDB middleweight title
1976-12-04Emile Griffith83-21-2
Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, GermanyLTKO910
The doctor in charge interrupted the fight in the 9th round after an upward right hook/uppercut split Reiche’s upper lip. Source: Hamburger Abendblatt
1976-05-24Alan Minter22-4-0
Olympiahalle, Munich, Bayern, GermanyLTKO810
1976-05-07Wolfgang Gans10-5-5
Berlin, GermanyDPTS1212
Germany BDB middleweight title
1976-02-20Bunny Sterling33-15-4
Sporthalle, Alsterdorf, Hamburg, GermanyLTKO1315
vacant EBU (European) middleweight title
1975-11-28Clement Tshinza23-7-4
Hamburg, GermanyWKO110
1975-10-10Carlos Marks30-23-1
Berlin, GermanyWPTS1010
1975-05-30Larry Paul18-2-1
Hamburg, GermanyLTKO510
1975-04-04Randolph Hombach18-4-0
Hamburg, GermanyWTKO38
1974-11-12Kevin Finnegan23-2-0
Empire Pool, Wembley, London, United KingdomLPTS1010x3
1974-10-22Jean-Andre Emmerich11-1-0
Berlin, GermanyWTKO212
Germany BDB middleweight title
1974-06-20Jean-Claude Warusfel21-1-1
Berlin, GermanyWPTS88
1974-05-14Clement Tshinza20-4-3
Deutschlandhalle, Charlottenburg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS88
1974-04-11Jose Maria Madrazo27-38-9
Berlin, GermanyWTKO58
1974-03-14Hans Dieter Schwartz33-11-1
Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWTKO312
Germany BDB middleweight title
1974-02-01Ludwig Kammerhofer2-2-2
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaWPTS66
1973-12-07Klaus-Peter Tombers13-10-1
Hamburg, GermanyWTKO58
Boxing News 21 December 1973 p15
1973-11-16Hans Michel3-12-1
Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein, GermanyWTKO26
1973-11-06Burhan Yesilbag2-5-2
Vienna, AustriaWPTS44
1973-05-11Randolph Hombach16-0-0
Wiesbaden, Hessen, GermanyLPTS1212
Germany BDB super welterweight title
1973-02-16Haci Demir Bash
Sporthalle, Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWTKO24
referee: Rudolf Drust
1972-11-17Mohammed Nefsi5-6-2
Offenbach, Hessen, GermanyWPTS66
1972-11-10Joze Maver2-10-6
Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyDPTS44
1972-04-03Gunter Valtinke6-11-5
Berlin, GermanyWKO26
1971-06-08Fritz Kohler2-0-1
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaDPTS66
1971-05-14Ronald Riedewald18-18-5
Ernst Merck Halle, Mitte, Berlin, GermanyWTKO46
1971-04-02Mohamed Sahib5-37-3
Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWTKO36
1971-03-18Hans Joachim Trautwein5-11-3
Wolfsburg, Niedersachsen, GermanyWKO26
1971-03-06Hans Michel2-7-1
Schoeningen, Niedersachsen, GermanyWKO16
1970-11-27Peter Donner3-9-6
Berlin, GermanyLPTS66
1970-09-03Anton Schnedl9-6-3
Stadthalle, Vienna, AustriaLPTS66
1970-04-24Gunter Valtinke6-7-3
Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWTKO46
1970-03-20G Roberts
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWPTS44
1970-02-13Manfred Lessmann8-36-14
Ernst Merck Halle, Mitte, Berlin, GermanyWKO36
1970-01-24Carl Roy8-9-2
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWKO16
1969-12-12Hans Joachim Trautwein5-8-3
Sporthalle, Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyWKO14
1969-10-17Georg Binder2-7-1
Sportpalast, Schoeneberg, Berlin, GermanyWTKO34


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