Jack Clifford
Global ID116507
birthdate 1884-01-01
death date 1924-10-06 (40)
country USA
residenceGrass Valley, California, USA
birth nameJack Clifford Trenberth
won 16 (KO 14) + lost 18 (KO 12) + drawn 7 = 41
rounds boxed 425 KO% 34.15

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1914-09-29George Ingle
Elks Club, Seattle, Washington, USALPTS44
referee: Pat Scott | judge: Dan Salt | judge: George F. Vandeveer
1913-09-12Leo Kelly4-3-3
Canyon Hall, Bingham, Utah, USALKO7
referee: Hardy K. Downing
1913-04-22Danny O'Brien12-5-12
Forest Park, Boise, Idaho, USALPTS1010
Clifford was knocked down in the first round and again in the eighth canto. O'Brien had the better of all the rounds except the third, in which neither obtained any advantage.--Boise (Idaho) Statesman, 4/22/1913
1911-10-14Rudy Unholz44-39-20
Taft, California, USALKO210
1911-09-09Eddie Madison6-4-4
Taft, California, USAWKO8
1911-06-15Eddie Madison6-4-3
Bakersfield, California, USADPTS2020
1910-07-12Ted Nelson29-13-3
Fairmont A.C., Bronx, New York, USALKO610
1910-01-17Charles Norvall1-0-0
Wonderland Rink, Sacramento, California, USALKO220
1909-07-30Kid Harrison3-4-1
Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USALKO1015
referee: Sol Levinson
1909-06-22Battling Nelson44-12-14
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USALTKO515
referee: Dave Porteous
World Lightweight Title
Doubts persist if this really was for the title as no weights were announced and local newspapers make no mention of the title being at stake (Chicago Tribune; San Francisco Chronicle; Los Angeles Times). The referee stopped the bout.

1908-10-08Charlie 'Kid' Dalton7-5-6
Marysville, California, USALKO1220
referee: Eddie Smith
Results from the San Francisco Call.
1908-07-16Joe McGurn0-1-0
Reliance A.C., Oakland, California, USADPTS66
referee: Eddie Smith
Clifford scored a knockdown in the 1st round.
1908-01-13Battling Nelson40-12-13
Opera House, Ogden, Utah, USALKO520
referee: Abe Pollock
Nelson weighed between 135 and 140 pounds. Short left to the jaw knocked Clifford on his back, throwing his head against the floor with great force. Clifford broke his left forearm in the 2nd round, when he hit Nelson on the head. (The Ogden Standard)
1907-08-14Rufe Turner40-9-6
San Diego, California, USAWTKO1220
1906-12-15Cyclone Johnny Thompson15-14-5
Phoenix A.C., Marysville, California, USALKO5
1906-11-19Jack Cordell15-10-2
Phoenix A.C., Marysville, California, USAWKO720
1906-09-03Bobby Lendl
Casino Amphitheatre, Goldfield, Nevada, USAWKO2
Lendl has served as a sparring partner for Battling Nelson, who fought Joe Gans in this card's main event
1905-10-09Willie Fitzgerald32-13-8
Grass Valley, California, USALKO820
1905-07-04Joe Angeli15-3-4
Grass Valley, California, USAWKO15
referee: Eddie Smith
Angeli was floored seven times. SF Call
1905-02-18Jack Cordell14-7-2
Phoenix A.C., Marysville, California, USALPTS2020
referee: Mark Shaughnessy
In following days, Clifford claimed that he had been ill, did not have time to train and that he "got jobbed" by his manager, Biddy Bishop.--(Salt Lake Herald), 2/22/1905
1905-01-21Louie Long11-5-3
Phoenix A.C., Marysville, California, USAWPTS2020
(Salt Lake Herald), 12/31/1905
1904-10-06Louie Long11-4-2
Helena, Montana, USAWDQ1320
1904-09-05Kid Fredericks28-3-9
Great Falls, Montana, USAWKO920
referee: James Jefell
1904-07-04Jack Bennett0-1-0
Silver Bow A.C., Butte, Montana, USAWKO3
Unable to verify which Jack Bennett he is.
1904-04-18Perry Queenan30-17-40
Salt Lake Theater, Salt Lake City, Utah, USADPTS2020
referee: Willard Bean
This was the 3rd fight between these fighters. All Draws.
1904-03-04Tommy Markham5-0-0
Grand Theater, Salt Lake City, Utah, USAWKO8
1903-10-09Kid Fredericks23-1-9
Helena, Montana, USALKO1720
referee: Duncan McDonald
Date of 10/9/1903 listed in 1904 Police Gazette Annual.
1903-08-19Perry Queenan29-17-34
Opera House, Ogden, Utah, USADPTS2020
1903-07-21Perry Queenan29-17-33
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaDPTS2020
San Francisco Chronicle.
1903-03-16Aurelio Herrera47-5-4
Butte, Montana, USALKO910
Clifford wrote to the Salt Lake Tribune stating he had been drugged in this bout
1902-12-18Jack Woods2-0-4
Hazard's Pavilion, Los Angeles, California, USALPTS1515
1902-12-18Toby Irwin8-4-4
Acme A.C., Oakland, California, USALPTS1515
referee: Phil Wand
1902-10-22Howard 'Kid' Opie0-3-1
Butte, Montana, USAWKO2
1902-09-19Dal Hawkins25-11-7
Butte, Montana, USAWKO720
1902-07-21Perry Queenan29-16-28
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaDPTS2020
Source Salt Lake Tribune, Mar 16, 1903
1902-07-16Jack Wade22-2-3
Butte, Montana, USAWKO410
1902-03-17Jack Wade22-1-3
Salt Lake City A.C., Salt Lake City, Utah, USAWKO1320
1902-02-21Roy Condie2-0-1
Salt Lake A.C., Salt Lake City, Utah, USAWKO1520
1902-01-06Kid Oglesby5-1-2
Butte A.C., Butte, Montana, USADPTS66
1901-11-15Kid Oglesby4-1-2
Helena, Montana, USALPTS2020
1901-10-24Jack Madden14-9-7
Anaconda, Montana, USAWKO34


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