Jack Townsend
Global ID11657
country USA
residenceNew York, New York, USA
won 14 (KO 8) + lost 22 (KO 8) + drawn 2 = 40
rounds boxed 243
Newspaper Decisions won : lost 2 : drawn
rounds boxed 12
Total Bouts 42 KO% 19.05

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1935-02-19King Levinsky55-23-5
Jacksonville, Florida, USALKO2
1932-11-02Larry Johnson27-12-1
Springfield, Ohio, USANCNC110
Townsend obviously "took a dive" and the fight was ruled no contest. He had been substituting for Rosy Rosales, who was injured in an automobile accident on the way to the fight.
1930-09-15Long Tom Hawkins34-22-7
Cincinnati, Ohio, USALKO10
1930-07-17Ike McFowler15-5-2
Hickey Park, Millvale, Pennsylvania, USALTKO58
referee: Eddie Kennedy | judge: Freddie Lux | judge: Lou Meininger
1930-04-02Bob Lawson48-24-5
Roby's Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, USALPTS1010
1930-03-13Bob Lawson47-24-5
Lincoln Park Arena, West Palm Beach, Florida, USALPTS1010
1930-03-05Bob Lawson47-24-4
City Park Arena, Miami, Florida, USADPTS1010
1929-11-15Jack Reynolds
Elberon Av. Armory, Zanesville, Ohio, USANCNC2
referee: Sammy Saad
Declared no contest after Reynolds fell down for the third time without being hit
Reynolds, a colored fighter from Kansas City, had reportedly stayed the limit, although losing, with Harry Wills and also had a fight with Sam Langford on his record

1929-10-21Don Davis
Elberon Av. Armory, Zanesville, Ohio, USAWKO510
referee: Ron Lawson
1929-10-17Bob Moody3-2-0
Cleveland, Ohio, USALPTS66
1929-10-07Tom Williams1-5-1
Canton Auditorium, Canton, Ohio, USALNWS66
Newspaper decision from the Massillon Evening Independent
1928-12-11Bob Lawson37-22-3
Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia, USALPTS1010
referee: Battling Budd
1928-09-05Phil Mercurio18-7-2
Ebbet's Field, Brooklyn, New York, USAWPTS1010
1928-06-01Al Walker7-4-1
Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, New York, USAWDQ710
referee: Danny Ridge
1928-02-24Elzear Rioux21-10-2
Victory Garden Stadium, San Juan, Puerto RicoLDQ210
From El Tiempo, San Juan (Laurence Fielding). Townsend was disqualified for butting.
1928-02-18Tom Sayers18-4-0
Victory Garden Stadium, San Juan, Puerto RicoWPTS1010
From El Mundo, San Juan (Jack Kincaid).
1928-01-01Juan Casanova1-4-0
Loubriel Stadium, Bayamon, Puerto RicoWKO210
From El Tiempo, San Juan (Laurence Fielding).
1927-11-22George Godfrey45-11-1
Olympia Boxing Club, New York, New York, USALPTS44
1927-11-09Ray Neuman14-17-7
108th Field Artillery Armory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALPTS1010
1927-10-06Roberto Roberti9-1-4
Ebbet's Field, Brooklyn, New York, USADPTS66
1927-06-08Tony Randolph4-4-0
Mitchel Field Arena, Mineola, New York, USAWKO7
1927-05-31Leonard Neblett13-1-5
22nd Engineers' Armory, New York, New York, USAWTKO68
1926-11-01George Godfrey29-11-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALDQ610
referee: Jim Crowley
1926-10-28Jack Ward6-8-0
Forum, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaLDQ?
Round number unknown. Montreal Gazette
1926-10-16Joe De Costa3-6-0
Ridgewood Grove, Brooklyn, New York, USAWTKO3
As Jack DeCosta
1926-10-12Jake Warren5-2-1
Ebbet's Field, Brooklyn, New York, USALPTS66
1926-08-24Carl Carter11-8-1
Arena, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWPTS88
referee: Johnny Brassil | judge: Dave Nelligan | judge: Jim Harmon
1926-07-05Pat McCarthy38-16-4
Salem, Massachusetts, USALPTS1010
1926-05-21Honolulu Kid6-7-0
Arena, Boston, Massachusetts, USALPTS88
referee: Johnny Martin
1925-12-04Harry Persson18-1-1
Cirkus, Stockholm, SwedenLKO310
1925-09-06Karl Johnson7-10-2
Ingentingskogen, Stockholm, SwedenWKO110
time: 0:40
1925-07-03Rudi Wagener34-10-3
Bockbrauerei, Berlin, GermanyWTKO710
1925-05-31Pierre Charles17-6-1
Circus Theater, Scheveningen, NetherlandsWPTS88
1924-12-15Tiger Flowers74-8-3
Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALTKO510
Reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer (Zabala & Kincaid).
1924-11-12Billy Prestage8-6-0
113th Regiment Armory, Newark, New Jersey, USALKO26
From the Newark Star-Eagle (Herb Goldman).
1924-08-02Tiger Flowers60-8-3
Commonwealth Sporting Club, New York, New York, USALTKO11
1924-07-19George Godfrey14-7-1
Commonwealth Sporting Club, New York, New York, USAWDQ1
1924-06-23Jack McAuliffe II10-3-6
Bralls Arena, Freeport, New York, USALPTS1010
1924-01-16Jack Taylor21-14-10
Convention Hall, Rochester, New York, USALRTD5
time: 3:00
Townsend, claiming an injured hand, failed to come out for round 6
1923-12-07Joe McCann2-4-0
Pioneer Sporting Club, New York, New York, USALPTS1010
1923-08-27Kid Dennis
West Hammond, Illinois, USAWKO4
referee: Jimmy Clabby
1923-05-18Battling Kavanaugh1-0-0
Entertainers' Hall, Chicago, Illinois, USALNWS66
(Chicago Tribune)


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