Charley White
Global ID11925
birthdate 1891-03-25
death date 1959-07-24 (68)
height5′ 6″   /   168cm
reach68″   /   173cm
country USA
residenceChicago, Illinois, USA
birth placeLiverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
won 87 (KO 57) + lost 16 (KO 4) + drawn 5 = 110
rounds boxed 788
Newspaper Decisions won 35 : lost 18 : drawn 10
rounds boxed 598
Total Bouts 173 KO% 32.95

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1930-02-21Henry Perlick4-3-6
Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, USALTKO26
time: 1:25
"The heart was there, but the old ability was lacking, and Charlie White knows now that 'they never come back.'... The fight was a pitiful exhibition of a man trying to do what he used to do... Charlie threw his famous left hook, which had such men as Benny Leonard and Freddy Welsh on the floor, at the start of the second, and received for his effort a right cross which knocked him down. Twice more he went down without taking a count, although he was getting up on nerve alone. The fourth time the crowd yelled wildly for him to 'take it' that he stayed down for nine. The fifth time a towel was thrown in from Charlie's corner. In a daze, White wanted to know 'why did you stop it?' - the old heart was still there. It was White's first start since December 18, 1923." (UP)
1923-12-18Bobby Barrett16-8-0
Adelphia A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO610
referee: Frank O'Brien
In the sixth round Barrett swung at White so hard that he sprained his spine, resulting in temporary paralysis. Result from the Philadelphia Inquirer (Jack Kincaid).
1923-10-05Pal Moran38-20-10
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALTKO1415
time: 2:49 | referee: Patsy Haley
On a signal from Dr. William H. Walker, State Athletic Commission physician, who was seated ringside, Referee Haley stopped the bout after White had been floored four times and was in danger of serious injury.
1923-07-18Richie Mitchell12-5-1
Velodrome, New York, New York, USAWKO4
1923-06-11Jack Zivic2-2-0
Motor Square Garden, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post, which reported that Zivic won nine of ten rounds from White in a thriller.
1923-04-09Johnny Williams17-6-3
Ashland Blvd. Auditorium, Chicago, Illinois, USAWPTS1010
1923-02-09Rocky Kansas49-6-5
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALPTS1515
referee: Patsy Haley
1922-12-15Richie Mitchell12-4-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWTKO1015
time: 2:49 | referee: Patsy Haley
1922-11-06Bobby Barrett13-5-0
Olympia A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS88
Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Public Ledger both had White shading Barrett in eight furious rounds.
1922-10-20Sid Marks4-3-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWKO212
time: 0:59 | referee: Patsy Haley
1922-08-07Bobby Barrett13-3-0
Velodrome, New York, New York, USAWKO315
1922-06-30Ever Hammer32-14-12
Mullen-Sager Arena, Aurora, Illinois, USALNWS1010
Hammer won the newspaper decision. White down in ninth.(Appleton Post Crescent)
1922-06-27Johnny Dundee59-9-18
Rock Island, Illinois, USAWNWS1010
referee: Sam Hall
Newspaper decision from the Davenport Democrat and Leader
1922-05-27Johnny Ray15-3-4
Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS1010
referee: Eddie Kennedy
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post. White won seven rounds, Ray two, and one was even. Ray was down once for a nine-count.
1922-03-17Johnny Dundee57-7-18
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALPTS1515
1922-02-20Willie Jackson27-7-8
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWPTS1515
1922-01-16Johnny Dundee54-6-18
Mechanics Building, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWSD1010
referee: Larry Sweeney | judge: Herman Nickerson | judge: James Fitzpatrick
1921-11-24Freddie Hill3-6-6
American Legion Club, Phoenix, Arizona, USAWKO3
1921-10-10Billy Alger11-4-4
Fort Bliss Arena, El Paso, Texas, USAWKO3
1921-09-30Bobby Ward6-9-2
Stockyards Stadium, Denver, Colorado, USAWKO510
Date: Saturday, October 1, 1921 Paper: Denver Post (Denver, CO) Page: 8
1921-09-19Jimmy Hanlon50-24-16
Stockyards Stadium, Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS1010
Date: Tuesday, September 20, 1921 Paper: Denver Post (Denver, CO) Page: 16
1921-08-31Benny Valger36-7-1
Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS88
The Philadelphia Public Ledger and the Inquirer both called Valger the winner. No information from the Record. Willie Jackson and Johnny Dundee were scheduled to meet on this program, but this fight was cancelled.
1921-08-10Johnny Dundee50-6-16
Boxing Drome, Bronx, New York, USADPTS1010
1921-07-22Terry Long3-1-0
Wichita, Kansas, USAWKO410
1921-02-07Frankie Schoell14-4-3
Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, USAWPTS1010
1921-01-14Sailor Friedman9-2-1
Kenosha, Wisconsin, USALDQ1010
referee: Walter Houlehan
White was disqualified for stalling
1921-01-01Young Webb3-2-4
Dayton, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1920-12-20Eddie Shannon41-17-30
Saint Louis, Missouri, USALNWS88
Shannon was better (Chicago Tribune).
1920-09-03Harvey Thorpe25-8-9
Fort Worth, Texas, USAWNWS1010
White was better. (Chicago Tribune, Evening Gazette)
1920-08-28Pal Moran29-12-7
East Chicago, Indiana, USALNWS1010
Moran won the newspaper decision (Chicago Tribune)(Atlanta Constitution).
1920-07-26Pal Moran27-12-7
Heinemann Park, New Orleans, Louisiana, USALPTS1515
White claimed he injured his hand in the fourth round. Moran won decisively. From the New Orleans Times-Picayune.
1920-07-05Benny Leonard56-4-0
Floyd Fitzsimmons Arena, Benton Harbor, Michigan, USALKO910
This fight was billed for the lightweight title but Leonard was overweight. White knocked Leonard out of the ring in round five. White was down 5 times in the ninth.
1920-05-31Harlem Eddie Kelly8-16-8
Idora Park, Youngstown, Ohio, USAWKO512
1920-04-14Eddie Boehme6-1-0
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USAWKO410
1920-02-26Don Curley2-3-1
Anderson Auditorium, Youngstown, Ohio, USAWKO810
From the Pittsburgh Post.
1920-02-25Cal Delaney20-0-6
Cleveland, Ohio, USAWNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Sandusky Star Journal
1920-02-12Carl Mackey3-0-1
Denver, Colorado, USAWTKO212
Sometimes recorded as occurring on the 13th.
1920-01-01Muff Bronson29-16-26
Arena, Milwaukie, Oregon, USAWKO110
time: 1:40 | referee: Denver Ed Martin
1919-12-09Eddie Shannon31-16-24
Arena, Seattle, Washington, USADPTS66
1919-11-26Johnny Dundee44-4-11
Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USALNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Milwaukee Journal
1919-11-10Mike Paulson8-8-4
Armory, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USAWNWS10
White was better. (Chicago Tribune)
1919-10-01Don Curley2-2-1
Arena Gardens, Detroit, Michigan, USAWKO710
1919-09-26Tony Zill9-1-2
Idora Park, Youngstown, Ohio, USAWNWS1212
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post. White won clearly, but Zill gave a good account of himself.
1919-09-02Johnny Noye15-2-0
Stockyards Stadium, Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS1212
1919-08-22Stanley Yoakum40-17-25
Denver, Colorado, USAWPTS1212
referee: Johnny Kenney
1919-08-11Harry Pierce17-2-1
Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS66
The Philadelphia Public Ledger and the Inquirer gave it to White, and the Philadelphia Record favored White.
1919-04-22Eddie Fitzsimmons12-2-1
Armory, Boston, Massachusetts, USALPTS1212
White was down in round ten and suffered a good licking.
1919-03-10Harvey Thorpe17-6-7
Peoria, Illinois, USAWNWS10
referee: Edward W. Smith
White earned "a shade the best of it." (Marion Daily Star) The Chicago tribune has Thorpe winning by a shade.
1918-12-13Eddie McGlave
Fort Sheridan, Wyoming, USAWKO2
1918-07-04Harvey Thorpe16-6-7
Western League Baseball Park, Des Moines, Iowa, USALNWS1212
"Thorpe was the aggressor all the way and won six of the twelve rounds, White won three and three were even." (Nevada State Journal)
1918-03-01Joe Upteraft
Exact date and location unknown at this time.
1917-10-05Matt Wells19-11-3
Arena, Syracuse, New York, USANCNC910
referee: Jack Lewis
Bout stopped due to stalling (Syracuse Herald).
1917-09-20Johnny Tillman20-1-5
St. Nicholas Rink, New York, New York, USALNWS1010
(New York Times)
Tillman and White did not fight on September 30, 1917 (a Sunday), as previously shown here. Tillman floored twice for nine counts in the third round. The Los Angeles Times had White winning the fight, and the Chicago Tribune called the fight even.

1917-09-08Eddie Wagond6-0-0
National A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS6
(Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune) The Philadelphia Public Ledger (Paul Zabala) and the Philadelphia Record both favored White as the winner.
1917-09-05Johnny Tillman20-1-5
Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALNWS66
Tillman won the newspaper decision according to both the Philadelphia Public Ledger (Paul Zabala) and the Philadelphia Record.
1917-06-09Johnny Tillman19-1-5
Nicollet Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USAWNWS1010
White won by "a clear margin". (Daily Review)
The Milwaukee Free-Press reported the same result. Tillman was knocked down in the 2nd, 5th, and 7th rounds

1917-04-27Young Murphy5-2-0
Arena, Syracuse, New York, USAWKO410
referee: Jack Lewis
1917-04-19Walter Mohr14-6-4
New York, New York, USAWNWS1010
White was better. Result in Ibro #52. (Chicago Tribune)
1917-03-29Frankie Callahan22-3-3
Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn, New York, USADNWS1010
Newspaper decision from New York City newspapers (Jack Kincaid).
1917-01-01Harry Donahue6-2-0
Flower City A.C., Rochester, New York, USAWKO610
referee: Claude Tibbitts
1916-12-25Harry Pierce16-2-0
Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn, New York, USAWNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
1916-12-01Stanley Yoakum39-14-24
Harlem S.C., New York, New York, USAWNWS1010
White was better. (New York Times)
1916-11-21Jack Britton45-9-10
Arena, Boston, Massachusetts, USALPTS1212
World Welterweight Title
1916-11-06Johnny Nelson4-1-0
Olympia A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS66
Nelson knocked down 8 times! Newspaper result in favor of White in the Philadelphia Record and the Philadelphia Public Ledger.
1916-10-23Dick DeSanders10-1-0
Moose Temple, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWNWS66
referee: Yock Henniger
Newspaper decision from the Pittsburgh Post. White won decisively.
1916-09-04Freddie Welsh65-3-6
Ramona A.C. Arena, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USALPTS2020
referee: Billy Roche
World Lightweight Title
Just before the fight got underway, a section of the arena gave way; two people were killed and hundreds more injured. Welsh back-pedaled throughout the bout while White was the aggressor. When the referee gave the decision to Welsh a riot broke out. The fighters, referee, sports writers and others were forced to seek cover under the wood platform.

1916-07-11Matt Wells19-10-2
Boston, Massachusetts, USAWTKO512
Wells down 3 times in 4th
1916-07-04Johnny Griffiths15-2-3
League Park, Canton, Ohio, USADNWS1212
referee: Walter C Kelly
Newspaper decision from the Massillon Evening Independent
1916-06-02Richie Mitchell5-0-1
Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USADNWS1010
Newspaper decision from the Milwaukee Free Press--Chicago Tribune had White winning the fight. Mitchell floored for a short count in the third round. The Tribune had White winning six rounds, with Mitchell winning two and two were even.
1916-05-25Milburn Saylor33-17-8
Redland Field, Cincinnati, Ohio, USAWKO110
referee: Lou Bauman
1916-04-06Matt Wells18-8-2
Kansas City, Missouri, USAWPTS1515
1916-03-20Matt Wells18-8-2
Broadway A.C., Cincinnati, Ohio, USAWNWS1010
referee: Lou Bauman
Cincinnati Enquirer.
1916-02-10Harvey Thorpe7-2-3
Convention Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, USAWPTS1010
1916-02-03Vic Moran5-4-3
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USAWPTS88
1916-01-18Joe Azevedo22-14-10
Hippodrome, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWKO112
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