Norman Goins
Global ID12180
divisionsuper lightweight
country USA
residenceIndianapolis, Indiana, USA
won 27 (KO 20) + lost 16 (KO 9) + drawn 1 = 46
rounds boxed 252 KO% 43.48

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1981-12-15Edwin Viruet29-4-2
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USALKO910
1981-08-15Lou Bizzarro29-1-0
Gannon College Auditorium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWKO710
time: 1:45
1981-05-07Anthony Murray3-0-0
Nashville, Tennessee, USAWKO1
1981-03-12Ray Mancini16-0-0
Felt Forum, New York, New York, USALKO210
time: 0:37
1980-12-16Rodolfo Gonzalez15-0-1
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USALTKO110
time: 2:38
1980-08-07Roberto Elizondo15-1-0
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USALKO210
1980-07-10Juan Graciano15-0-0
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWTKO410
1980-05-13Don Snow
Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO1
1979-04-13Aaron Pryor15-0-0
Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio, USALKO910
1979-03-09Saoul Mamby23-12-5
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALUD1010
1978-10-11Robert Perez3-10-1
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWPTS77
1978-09-19Scotty Foreman10-3-0
Orlando, Florida, USALPTS1010
1978-08-26Simmie Black15-53-2
Dayton, Ohio, USAWKO2
1978-07-09Howard Davis Jr7-0-0
Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, USALUD1010
referee: Jay Edson 94-98 | judge: Herbie Kronowitz 91-98 | judge: Mike DeFabis 94-96
Davis was knocked down in the 1st and 5th rounds. Goins was knocked down in the 9th round.
1978-06-05Willie Rodriguez14-2-0
Allentown, Pennsylvania, USALUD1010
1978-05-01Alfonso Cirillo1-1-0
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO3
1978-02-20Wade Hinnant11-0-0
Blue Horizon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALKO910
1978-01-24Gilbert Mares4-7-0
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO1
1977-09-16John Powell
Felt Forum, New York, New York, USAWKO26
1977-05-24Bobby Joe Hughes16-20-1
Convention Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaLPTS88
1977-05-01Alfonso Cirillo
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO3
1977-03-22Maurice Watkins32-2-0
Memorial Coliseum, Corpus Christi, Texas, USANCND1010
Both fighters thrown out by referee
1976-11-30Marion Thomas34-18-1
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWPTS1010
1976-07-30Sigfrido Rodriguez15-8-1
Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, USALTKO410
1976-05-28Abdou Fakyh12-13-6
Abidjan, Côte D’IvoireDPTS1010
1976-04-17Nkosana Mgxaji61-1-0
Mdantsane Stadium, East London, Eastern Cape, South AfricaLRTD910
referee: Les Muller
1976-03-09Mike Everett15-2-1
Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALPTS1010
1975-10-28Arturo Leon8-9-0
Honolulu, Hawaii, USAWPTS1010
1975-09-24Rocky Ramon11-4-0
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWPTS1010
1975-06-06Lorenzo Trujillo32-7-4
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWUD1010
referee: Gene Parker 98-96 | judge: Tom Catterson 98-93 | judge: Pat Barlow 98-97
1975-04-17Brooks Byrd17-3-2
Convention Exposition Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO2
1974-12-11Abdul Bey5-0-0
Tyndall Armory, Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO48
1974-11-12Ron Pettigrew2-8-1
Tyndall Armory, Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO3
1974-08-26Angel Mayoral45-6-2
Oak Brook Forum, Chicago, Illinois, USALKO710
time: 2:18
1974-07-27Donny Starks
East Side School Gym, Union City, Ohio, USAWKO1
1974-02-16Willie Williams10-33-4
Church street YMCA Gym, New Castle, Indiana, USAWTKO2
1973-11-15Cocoa Kid0-8-0
Tampa, Florida, USANCNC8
1973-11-10Ezequiel Cocoa Sanchez7-4-1
Tampa, Florida, USALPTS88
1973-11-08Charles Harvey1-2-1
Tyndall Armory, Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWTKO1
1973-10-27Marcus Anderson20-3-0
Tyndall Armory, Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWTKO38
1973-09-22Johnny Copeland16-13-0
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWTKO28
1973-08-24Hilbert Stevenson5-0-0
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO3
1973-05-22John Howard14-24-3
Tyndall Armory, Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO2
1973-04-17Julie Mandell15-12-2
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWPTS66
1972-12-16Curtis Burks1-3-0
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO2
1972-11-10Willie Williams8-24-2
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWPTS44


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