Patsy Broderick
Global ID125043
birthdate 1872-00-00
death date 1938-04-00 (66)
country USA
residenceProvidence, Rhode Island, USA
won 19 (KO 11) + lost 17 (KO 6) + drawn 15 = 52
rounds boxed 558
Newspaper Decisions won 1 : lost : drawn
rounds boxed 6
Total Bouts 53 KO% 20.75

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1908-10-14Young Joe Grim2-0-0
Standard A.C., Lymansville, Rhode Island, USAWPTS88
referee: Patrick Doherty
Pawtucket Times.
1906-10-12Frankie Conley4-1-2
Kenosha, Wisconsin, USALPTS66
1903-11-04Hugh Glancy1-5-1
Scituate, Massachusetts, USAWNWS66
Results from the Police Gazette.
1903-08-25Joe Curtin1-2-4
Badger A.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USANCND?
As Joe Curtain. Chicago Tribune called this bout a fake.
1902-11-03Casper Leon40-16-22
Gospel Hall, Providence, Rhode Island, USADPTS1010
1902-09-08Patsy Hogan0-0-1
Crescent A.C., Providence, Rhode Island, USADPTS1010
referee: Bobby Burns
Pawtucket Times.
1902-07-02Patsy Hogan
Crescent A.C., Providence, Rhode Island, USADPTS1010
Pawtucket Times.
1901-11-22Chick Tucker4-3-0
Middletown, Connecticut, USALTKO320
referee: John Willis
Pawtucket Times.
1901-11-08George Henninger
New Century A.C., Providence, Rhode Island, USAWDQ2
referee: Stanton Abbott
Pawtucket Times.
1901-04-26Tommy Sullivan47-8-22
New Century A.C., Providence, Rhode Island, USALTKO910
1901-01-30Al Jansen1-1-0
Fall River A.C., Fall River, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1212
Pawtucket Times.
1901-01-02Tommy Sullivan42-6-21
Providence, Rhode Island, USALKO5
1900-11-09Benny Yanger21-0-7
Illinois A.C., Chicago, Illinois, USALKO4
1900-05-24Spike Haley2-4-2
Crescent A.C., Brockton, Massachusetts, USAWPTS1515
referee: William McCarthy
1900-05-04Austin Rice18-8-21
Union Theater, Torrington, Connecticut, USADPTS15
1900-01-11Yock Henniger14-10-11
Waterbury, Connecticut, USADPTS515
referee: Dick Howell
Henniger was knocked down twice in the 5th round, and after he got up second time, the police stopped the fight, and it was declared a draw.
1899-10-03Austin Rice11-8-19
Middletown A.C., Middletown, Connecticut, USALPTS2020
Pawtucket Times.
1899-08-21Johnny Whittaker2-5-4
National A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USAWKO1
1899-07-03Tony Moran1-7-1
Rhode Island, USAWPTS1515
referee: John Moran
Pawtucket Times.
1899-05-30Austin Rice11-7-16
Middletown A.C., Middletown, Connecticut, USADPTS1212
Boston Herald.
1899-04-18George Justice
West End A.C., Albany, New York, USAWPTS1010
Boston Herald.
1899-04-08Eddie Goodbody2-5-3
Pelican A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALPTS1010
Pawtucket Times.
1899-04-01Tim Callahan9-3-13
Pelican A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALPTS2020
1899-03-17Billy McKnight
Pavilion, Thornton, Rhode Island, USAWKO120
Pawtucket Times. McKnight also listed as "Jerry King".
1899-02-21Young Sisto1-4-1
Thornton, Rhode Island, USAWKO915
referee: Tim Finnerty
1899-01-23Tim Callahan8-3-10
Troy, New York, USADPTS2020
1899-01-16Lawrence Lutz2-0-0
Youngstown, Ohio, USAWPTS66
referee: Jacob Ryan
Results from the Youngstown Vindicator. Lutz was billed as "Carl Lutz".
1898-11-01George Murray1-0-3
Hoffman A.C., Lynn, Massachusetts, USAWKO315
Boston Herald.
1898-09-17Austin Rice8-4-8
Pelican A.C., Brooklyn, New York, USALPTS2020
1898-05-30Austin Rice8-4-7
John Street Rink, Valley Falls, Rhode Island, USADPTS2020
referee: Jim Daly
Pawtucket Times.
1898-05-02Patsy Haley17-8-6
City Point A.C., Boston, Massachusetts, USALPTS1212
1898-04-27Austin Rice8-4-6
Young Men's Gymnasium, Central Falls, New York, USADTD7
Police stopped the bout!
1898-03-25Benny Leon9-1-3
Central Falls Gymnasium Club, Central Falls, Rhode Island, USAWKO1320
referee: Jack Sheehan
Fought at 118 pounds.
1898-03-04Dave Sullivan14-1-7
Waverly A.C., Yonkers, New York, USALTKO920
billed for the American title at 118lbs
1897-12-11Sammy Kelly14-2-1
Polo A.C., New York, New York, USALPTS2020
1897-11-25Austin Rice5-4-5
New London A.C., New London, Connecticut, USALTKO11
referee: James Boutelle
1897-11-20Sammy Meyers5-6-2
Polo A.C., New York, New York, USAWTKO615
Boston Herald.
1897-11-06Sammy Kelly13-2-1
Polo A.C., New York, New York, USALPTS1515
1897-06-17Joe Flaherty6-12-8
City Hall, Waterbury, Connecticut, USADPTS1515
Boston Herald.
1897-05-01Jimmy Devers0-2-1
Polo A.C., New York, New York, USAWTKO19
1897-04-17Jack Madden9-4-7
National S.C., New York, New York, USAWKO14
1897-04-05Billy Rotchford6-0-0
Auditorium, Hartford, Connecticut, USADPTS1515
Springfield Republican.
1897-03-27Frank Zimpher3-5-4
National A.C., New York, New York, USALDQ310
1897-03-06Billy Rotchford3-0-0
Polo A.C., New York, New York, USALPTS1010
Boston Herald.
1896-11-23Jack Madden8-3-3
Union Park A.C., New York, New York, USADPTS1010
1896-02-10Patsy Haley7-2-4
West Newton Street Armory, Boston, Massachusetts, USALPTS1212
1895-12-18Patsy Haley4-2-3
Alpha A.C., Central Falls, Rhode Island, USADPTS2525
1895-11-06Young Sisto0-1-0
Pastime A.C., Central Falls, Rhode Island, USAWPTS2525
Boston Herald.
1895-02-18Jimmy Boyle
King Philip Club, Providence, Rhode Island, USAWKO7
Boston Herald.
1895-01-03William Sun Ash0-1-0
Suffolk A.C., Boston, Massachusetts, USAWKO3
referee: Spencer Williams
Reported as Sun Ash. Two weeks later Sun Ashe was given 3 months in a house of correction for stealing a coat from Broderick. (Springfield Republican, 1/19/1894)
1894-10-08Tom Heffernan0-1-0
King Philip Club, Providence, Rhode Island, USADPTS1010
referee: James F Moore
Boston Herald. Broderick was better.
1894-07-23Price Williams
Providence, Rhode Island, USAWKO6
Boston Herald.
1893-12-15Mike Sears1-1-1
Metropole A.C., Providence, Rhode Island, USADPTS1010
A draw according to Providence News.


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