Harold Brazier
Global ID1265
birthdate 1955-10-22
divisionsuper lightweight
height5′ 9″   /   175cm
reach73″   /   185cm
US ID000794
country USA
residenceSouth Bend, Indiana, USA
birth placeIndianapolis, Indiana, USA
birth nameHarold Leon Brazier
won 105 (KO 64) + lost 18 (KO 2) + drawn 1 = 127
rounds boxed 865 KO% 50.39

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
2004-10-02Jose Leo Moreno8-0-0
Grand Casino, Hinckley, Minnesota, USALTKO48
time: 1:15 | referee: Mark Nelson | judge: LeRoy Benson 26-30 | judge: Joe Hoffman 27-30 | judge: Dennis Nelson 27-30
2004-04-09Anthony Shuler14-2-1
Johanning Civic Center, Kokomo, Indiana, USALUD1010
referee: Kurt Spivey | judge: Fred Jones 91-99 | judge: Victor Kakone 91-99 | judge: Nathan Palmer 93-97
USA Indiana State super welterweight title
Indiana State Light Middleweight Title
2003-12-05Brooke Wellby30-11-2
Omega Sports Center, Hobart, Indiana, USAWUD1010
referee: Kurt Spivey | judge: Blake Allen 99-91 | judge: Kim Janek 98-93 | judge: Bill Paige 100-90
1998-06-26Jonathan Corn18-0-1
Ho-Chunk Casino, Baraboo, Wisconsin, USALPTS1212
WAA Middleweight Title
1998-05-14Scott Sala4-30-0
Adam’s Mark Hotel, Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWUD66
judge: Gary Merritt | judge: Larry Bennett | judge: Fred Jones
1997-07-24Walter Cowans24-94-1
Embassy Suites Hotel, Des Moines, Iowa, USAWTKO610
judge: Bill Hardy | judge: Steve Stabler | judge: Mike McMurray
1996-08-09Steve Langley24-28-1
Century Center, South Bend, Indiana, USAWTKO610
time: 2:33 | referee: Jack Callahan | judge: Don Leek | judge: Gary Merritt | judge: McWally Judge
1996-05-26Rob Bleakley61-10-0
Ho-Chunk Casino, Baraboo, Wisconsin, USAWTKO712
WAA Light Middleweight Title
1995-06-28Larry Sutton3-22-0
South Bend, Indiana, USAWPTS88
1995-03-28Ruben Ruiz10-2-0
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS88
1995-02-28Reggie Strickland29-117-5
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWPTS88
1994-07-22Anthony Stephens21-6-2
Southern Belle Casino, Robinsonville, Mississippi, USALUD1212
referee: Elmo Adolph | judge: Chester Comeaux | judge: Fred Steinwinder III | judge: Martin Coscino
USBA welterweight title (supervisor: Mike Cusimano)
Scores: 118-111, 116-112, 119-109
1994-06-11Kenny Brown12-16-0
South Bend, Indiana, USAWTKO5
1994-05-16Reggie Strickland19-105-4
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS88
1994-05-12Tony Enna15-7-1
Saint Joseph, Missouri, USAWPTS1010
1994-04-23Gary Smith12-29-2
Davenport, Iowa, USAWPTS88
1994-03-19Darrell Miller11-40-4
Des Moines, Iowa, USAWPTS1010
1994-03-06Mike Serr10-14-0
North Dakota, USAWPTS1010
1994-03-01Anthony Davidson0-10-0
Jefferson City, Missouri, USAWKO7
1994-01-23Kevin Pompey29-5-2
The Roxy, Boston, Massachusetts, USAWTKO1012
time: 0:43 | referee: Dick Flaherty | judge: Charles Dwyer
USBA welterweight title
1993-12-08Rob Bleakley28-5-0
Century Center, South Bend, Indiana, USAWUD1010
referee: Sean Curtin
vacant USA Mid American super welterweight title
vacant USA Mid West super welterweight title
1993-11-10Kevin Pompey28-5-2
Harrah’s Resort , Atlantic City, New Jersey, USALSD1212
referee: James Condon | judge: Eugene Grant 113-115 | judge: Al DeVito 113-116 | judge: Frank Brunette 115-113
USBA welterweight title (supervisor: Robert Lee Jr.)
1993-10-07Reggie Strickland15-87-0
Yellow Rose, Iowa, USAWPTS1010
1993-08-11Gary Smith12-26-2
South Bend, Indiana, USAWPTS1010
referee: Pete Podgorski
1993-05-13Larry Barnes27-1-0
Paramount Theatre, New York, New York, USALSD1212
referee: Arthur Mercante Jr. | judge: Joe Ware 118-111 | 112-116 | judge: Tony Castellano 114-115
NABF welterweight title
1993-04-29Reggie Strickland11-77-0
Elkhart, Indiana, USAWPTS88
1993-04-12Rob Bleakley14-2-0
Marriott Downtown, Kansas City, Missouri, USAWTKO38
time: 2:47
Bleakley fought as Dave Roberts
1993-01-28Willie Perry4-11-0
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWPTS1010
referee: Sean Curtin
1993-01-02Keith Jones0-1-0
Mid America All Indian Center, Wichita, Kansas, USAWKO7
1992-11-07Buck Smith123-2-2
Murray, Kentucky, USANCND6
1992-10-27Carlos Bates25-3-1
Century Center, South Bend, Indiana, USAWTKO5
1992-09-01Kenneth Kidd21-16-0
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWUD88
1992-07-23Buck Smith113-2-2
Rock City Cafe, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USANCND66
1992-06-27Kenneth Kidd20-15-0
Paducah, Kentucky, USAWKO310
1992-04-09Vince Phillips23-0-0
Bally's Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, USALUD1212
110-118 | 110-118 | 107-120
IBF Inter-Continental super lightweight title
1992-02-20Dwayne Swift35-12-1
Rosemont, Illinois, USAWUD1212
referee: Sean Curtin | judge: Gordon Volkman 118-111 | judge: Gary Merritt 119-109 | judge: Pete Podgorski 118-110
IBF Inter-Continental super lightweight title
1992-01-18Pernell Whitaker27-1-0
Pennsylvania Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALUD1010
referee: Frank Cappuccino | judge: Lynne Carter 90-100 | judge: Ron Greenley 90-100 | judge: George Hill 91-100
1991-11-12Terry Thomas23-1-1
South Bend, Indiana, USAWPTS1010
1991-07-19Abraham Martinez23-12-0
Sands Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USAWTKO710
time: 2:17 | referee: Toby Gibson
1991-07-09Jerry Brown0-2-0
Central Plaza Hotel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWUD1010
1991-04-26Darrell Miller11-33-4
Hammond, Indiana, USAWKO4
1991-03-14Willie Barnes0-9-0
Park Plaza Hotel, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USAWUD1010
1991-02-25Jake Torrance18-45-1
Century Center, South Bend, Indiana, USAWPTS1010
1990-10-20Rick Kaiser17-16-2
RAymond Family Community Cente, Williston, North Dakota, USAWKO4
time: 1:17 | referee: Kevin McCarl
1990-10-13Rico Hernandez5-8-1
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWPTS1010
1990-08-27Buck Smith49-2-2
Park Plaza Hotel, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USANCND1515
referee: Steve Thomasson
1990-08-02Anthony Stephens13-2-1
South Bend, Indiana, USAWUD1010
referee: Sean Curtin | 100-90 | 98-92 | 98-92
1990-06-11Rick Kaiser17-15-2
Century Center, South Bend, Indiana, USAWTKO4
1990-04-26Micky Ward21-3-0
Resorts International, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USAWUD1212
referee: Rudy Battle | judge: Joseph Pasquale 118-110 | judge: Lynne Carter 118-110 | judge: William Kostrub 118-110
IBF Inter-Continental super lightweight title
1990-03-07Keheven Johnson16-18-2
Civic Center, South Bend, Indiana, USAWKO610
referee: Sean Curtin | judge: Gary Merritt | judge: Pete Podgorski | judge: Fred Jones
1990-02-20Sam Wilson1-4-1
Central Plaza Hotel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWTKO610
1990-01-28Gerardo Velasquez20-5-0
Sherwood Club, Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWTKO612
time: 2:52 | referee: Sean Curtin | judge: Gary Merritt | judge: Pete Podgorski | judge: Bill Lerch
IBF Inter-Continental super lightweight title (supervisor: Walter Stone)
1989-11-30Bobby Brown0-8-0
Century Center, South Bend, Indiana, USAWTKO610
referee: Sean Curtin | judge: Fred Jones | judge: Gary Merritt | judge: Don Leek
1989-08-08Livingstone Bramble28-3-2
Ballys Park Place Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USALTKO212
referee: Tony Perez | judge: Al DeVito | judge: John Stewart | judge: Tony Castellano
NABF super lightweight title
1989-05-27Roy Sims0-1-0
South Bend, Indiana, USAWKO4
1989-05-23Rico Hernandez2-2-0
Little Rock, Arkansas, USAWKO6
1989-05-06Darrell Miller10-30-3
State Fair Grounds, Lincoln, Nebraska, USAWPTS1010
1989-01-21Juan Martin Coggi37-1-2
Palazzo Dello Sport, Vasto, Abruzzo, ItalyLUD1212
referee: John Coyle | judge: Carlos Sucre 113-116 | judge: Contimanza Amadeo 114-118 | judge: Lazaro Carrasco 111-119
WBA World super lightweight title
1988-11-18Willard Johnson
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWKO6
1988-10-04Jerry Brown
Central Plaza Hotel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWKO710
time: 1:29 | referee: Steve Thomasson
Brazier originally scheduled to fight Johnny Kalbhen...Brown said to be Wyoming State champion 21-8.10 ko record with a 3 rd ko of Darrell Bryant, a previous Brazier victim
1988-09-02John Rafuse18-8-0
Century Center, South Bend, Indiana, USAWUD1212
referee: Sean Curtin | judge: Gary Merritt 119-108 | judge: Cindy Bartin 119-108 | judge: Frank Garza 119-108
NABF super lightweight title
1988-07-20Herminio Morales10-3-1
Century Center, South Bend, Indiana, USAWTKO410
referee: Pete Podgorski | judge: Don Leek | judge: Gary Merritt | judge: Bill West
1988-07-05Darrell Bryant
Central Plaza Hotel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAWTKO610
referee: Steve Thomasson
1988-06-06Roger Mayweather31-5-0
Las Vegas Hilton, Hilton Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USALSD1212
referee: Carlos Padilla | judge: Arlen Bynum 113-114 | judge: Carol Castellano 111-116 | judge: Abraham Chavarria 116-115
WBC World super lightweight title
1988-04-12Bobby Moore0-1-0
Springfield, Missouri, USAWKO2
1988-03-04Robin Blake30-4-0
Las Vegas, Nevada, USAWTKO912
time: 1:32 | referee: Carlos Padilla | judge: Patricia Morse Jarman | judge: Dalby Shirley | judge: Bobby Watson
NABF super lightweight title
1988-01-28Willie Ray
Peony Park Ballroom, Omaha, Nebraska, USAWTKO48
time: 2:04
1987-12-05Ray Sparks
Col Ballroom, Davenport, Iowa, USAWTKO36
referee: Pete Podgorski | judge: Morris Wilson | judge: Wando Valdez | judge: Sam Humble
1987-11-05Rafael Sanchez
Indianapolis, Indiana, USAWKO210
time: 1:16
1987-09-26Jorge Acosta
DC County Junction, Lowell, Indiana, USAWTKO58
referee: Al Prislinger | judge: John Taylor | judge: Walt Schramm | judge: John Wilson
1987-07-31Dave Reynolds0-2-0
Sadowski Field House, Fort Knox, Kentucky, USAWUD88
1987-07-28Leroy Jones0-1-0
Rhinestone Palace, Lexington, Kentucky, USAWTKO610
1987-07-09Willie Barnes
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWTKO8
1987-06-12Donnie Marshall
Pershing Auditorium, Lincoln, Nebraska, USAWTKO510
time: 2:10
Marshall down in 4th and three times in 5th
1987-05-16Jose Martinez0-1-0
Civic Center, Hammond, Indiana, USAWKO4
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