Battling Torres
Global ID12667
birthdate 1941-02-17
death date 1972-11-10 (31)
divisionsuper lightweight
aliasReynosa Rattlesnake
country Mexico
residenceReynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico
birth placeSan Juan de los Cerritos, San Luis Potosí, Mexico
birth nameJosé Raymundo Torres Anzaldúa
won 57 (KO 47) + lost 9 (KO 9) + drawn 0 = 67
rounds boxed 331 KO% 70.15

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1972-03-28Johnny Armstrong6-23-0
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWTKO410
1967-04-29Rafael Gutierrez18-1-1
Arena Mexico, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MexicoLTKO112
time: 2:40
Mexico middleweight title
1967-01-01Ed McGruder7-13-0
San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosí, MexicoWKO310
1966-10-01LC Morgan77-31-2
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO610
1965-11-20LC Morgan75-30-2
Monterrey, Nuevo León, MexicoLTKO210
1965-07-29Jorge Rosales25-6-2
Matamoros, Tamaulipas, MexicoLTKO312
Mexico welterweight title
1965-03-05Carlos Rios31-16-3
Matamoros, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO610
1964-11-14Alvaro Gutierrez31-13-3
El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MexicoWPTS1212
Mexico welterweight title
1964-05-01Alvaro Gutierrez30-13-2
Monterrey, Nuevo León, MexicoLKO212
Mexico welterweight title
1964-03-21Carlos Rios28-14-2
Plaza de Toros, Torreon, Coahuila de Zaragoza, MexicoWKO812
Mexico welterweight title
1964-01-18Ruben Roberto Arocha21-8-9
Monterrey, Nuevo León, MexicoWKO510
1963-12-27David Cervantes43-30-7
Tampico, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO210
1963-11-30Alvaro Gutierrez30-12-2
El Toreo, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MexicoWKO110
1963-10-19Johnny Brooks13-2-1
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO410
1963-03-21Roberto Cruz24-8-2
Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California, USALKO115
time: 2:07
vacant WBA World super lightweight title
Torres was knocked down twice.
1962-12-01Billy Collins32-7-1
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWUD1010
referee: George Latka 9-2 | judge: Lee Grossman 5-4 | judge: Dick Young 7-4
1962-10-30Joey Parks17-15-3
Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, Texas, USAWKO310
time: 2:38 | referee: Leonard Zuniga
1962-10-05Don Jordan51-23-1
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USANCNC110
referee: Jimmy Wilson
Jordan refused to get up and fight following a knockdown which the referee felt came from a punch that wasn't hard enough to knock him down.
The California State Athletic Commission permanately suspended Jordan on October 17th.

1962-08-21Art Hayward4-4-1
Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, Texas, USAWTKO910
time: 1:56 | referee: Eddie Lopez
1962-05-03Mauro Vazquez32-6-1
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWRTD410
referee: Joey Olmos
Vazquez's corner stopped the bout after the 4th round, due to a possibly broken jaw. Vazquez was knocked down in the 4th round.
1962-04-09Billy Mitchell
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO310
1961-12-08Cisco Andrade45-11-1
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USALKO610
time: 2:53 | referee: Lee Grossman
1961-10-26Antonio Marcilla26-5-1
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWKO110
time: 2:52
1961-09-28Joey Limas18-7-2
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWKO210
time: 1:50 | referee: Charley Randolph
Limas was knocked down twice in the 2nd round.
1961-09-07Ray Riojas37-15-1
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWKO310
time: 2:28 | referee: Frankie Van
Riojas was knocked down twice.
1961-08-12Ruben Cadena10-10-2
Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO610
1961-05-21Walt Vares9-12-5
Plaza de Toros, Torreon, Coahuila de Zaragoza, MexicoWTKO410
1961-03-25Joe White9-9-2
Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO210
1961-03-02Lalo Duque9-7-1
Matamoros, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO310
1961-02-12Ranchero Ruiz7-8-1
Monclova, Coahuila de Zaragoza, MexicoWKO410
1960-10-04Joe Brown91-21-12
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, USALKO410
time: 2:24
1960-09-06Paul Jorgensen82-7-4
Houston, Texas, USAWSD1010
1960-07-16Cisco Andrade42-6-1
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USALKO710
time: 1:10 | referee: Lee Grossman | judge: Joey Olmos | judge: Jimmy Wilson
1960-05-28Alvin Boudreaux40-50-9
Acapulco, Guerrero, MexicoWKO210
1960-05-02George Berry24-13-1
Tijuana, Baja California, MexicoWKO210
1960-02-04Carlos Ortiz30-2-0
Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California, USALKO1015
time: 2:56 | referee: Mushy Callahan 80-88 | judge: Lee Grossman 80-89 | judge: Frankie Van 81-88
World Light Welterweight Title
1960-01-10Dick Kirby8-6-2
Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MexicoWKO210
1959-11-28Santiago Ramirez13-6-3
Monterrey, Nuevo León, MexicoWKO810
1959-10-15Johnny Busso35-9-1
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWKO210
time: 0:41 | referee: Charley Randolph
Busso was knocked down three times.
1959-09-17Frankie Ryff30-8-0
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWKO110
time: 2:31
Ryff was knocked down three times.
1959-08-06Paul Armstead26-5-1
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, USAWUD1010
referee: Jimmy Wilson 98-91 | judge: Dick Young 97-90 | judge: George Latka 99-89
1959-07-08Bobby Rogers16-10-3
Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, USAWKO510
1959-05-19Russell Tague45-19-5
Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, Texas, USAWKO310
time: 1:44 | referee: Leonard Zuniga
Tague was knocked down twice in the 3rd round.
1959-04-25Guillermo Medina15-18-1
Monterrey, Nuevo León, MexicoWKO610
1959-04-02Cesar Saavedra74-40-6
Matamoros, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO210
1959-03-14Victor Manuel Quijano42-15-3
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MexicoWPTS1010
1959-02-14Pat McCoy37-43-10
Acapulco, Guerrero, MexicoWKO910
1958-12-13Billy Peacock43-23-1
Monterrey, Nuevo León, MexicoWKO510
Peacock was floored three times.
1958-12-02Enrique Macias11-7-2
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO510
1958-11-06Lalo Duque4-4-1
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO210
1958-10-11Victor Manuel Quijano40-13-3
Monterrey, Nuevo León, MexicoWPTS1010
1958-09-15Zorrito Ramirez34-8-1
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO210
1958-08-18Cesar Saavedra72-38-6
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO410
1958-07-05Jimmy Moser11-7-0
Monterrey, Nuevo León, MexicoWKO210
1958-06-25Oscar Ivonne
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO310
1958-06-07Hector Garcia32-13-3
Monterrey, Nuevo León, MexicoWKO910
1958-05-12Jesus Mejia9-12-2
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO610
1958-03-31Oscar Torres21-33-5
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWPTS1010
1958-02-17Felipe Sosa49-23-3
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWPTS1010
1958-01-18Jesus Mejia8-10-2
Monterrey, Nuevo León, MexicoWKO1010
1957-12-14Angel Guerrero19-7-1
Monterrey, Nuevo León, MexicoWPTS1010
1957-11-13Genaro Serafin23-17-1
Arena Coliseo, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MexicoWKO310
1957-09-24Genaro Serafin22-16-1
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO110
1957-09-09Manuel Jimenez6-8-0
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO810
1957-06-24Gildardo Bacho9-17-0
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWPTS1010
1957-06-03Americo Rivera7-16-1
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO58
1957-04-19Rogelio Saucedo21-25-3
Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoWKO24


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