Johnny Bizzarro
Global ID12682
birthdate 1938-10-19
death date 1998-12-03 (60)
country USA
residenceErie, Pennsylvania, USA
birth placeMarcianise, Campania, Italy
won 56 (KO 25) + lost 11 (KO 1) + drawn 2 = 69
rounds boxed 468 KO% 36.23

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dateopponentW-L-Dlast 6location
1968-09-02Larry Youngblood4-17-2
Johnsburg, Illinois, USAWPTS1010
1966-08-20Frankie Narvaez27-4-1
Hiram Bithorn Stadium, San Juan, Puerto RicoLUD1010
1966-06-20Carlos Ortiz46-5-1
Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USALTKO1215
referee: Buck McTiernan | 49-51 | 50-52 | 49-50
WBC World lightweight title
WBA World lightweight title
Bizzarro was knocked down once in the 12th, before referee stopped the bout. Ortiz led on all three scorecards at stoppage.
1966-05-13Primus Williams4-14-2
Music Hall Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1966-04-29Primus Williams4-13-2
Warren, Ohio, USAWUD1010
1965-09-14Gene Toran18-1-0
Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWUD1010
referee: Buck McTiernan 47-42 | judge: Frank Spade 48-46 | judge: Ernie Sesto 49-41
1965-06-07Frankie Narvaez23-2-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALSD1010
referee: Arthur Mercante 4-5 | judge: Joe Eppy 4-5 | judge: Joe Armstrong 7-3
1965-04-24Bobby Marie33-13-7
War Memorial, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO410
referee: Buck McTiernan
1965-03-05Tommy Tibbs60-69-4
War Memorial Arena, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USAWUD1212
North American Junior Lightweight Title
1965-02-25Jackie Lennon8-9-3
Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO810
1964-08-26Rufus Holliday7-11-2
Louisville, Kentucky, USAWKO110
1964-08-01Bobby Parnell3-10-1
Akron, Ohio, USAWKO1
Day unknown
1964-07-17Frankie Narvaez20-1-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWUD1010
referee: Johnny LoBianco 7-3 | judge: Frank Forbes 7-2 | judge: Tony Castellano 5-4
Narvaez was knocked down in the 3rd and 9th rounds.
1964-06-05Frankie Narvaez19-1-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALMD1010
referee: Petey Della 3-5 | judge: Leo Birnbaum 4-5 | judge: Johnny Dran 5-5
1964-04-17Ricky Palmieri17-22-2
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWKO210
time: 1:20
1964-02-19Kenny Lane77-11-2
Tech Memorial Gym, Erie, Pennsylvania, USALSD1010
referee: Buck McTiernan 48-42 | judge: Walter Ludtke 47-49 | judge: Frank Spader 46-47
1963-11-14Hector Diaz14-6-4
Cauley Auditorium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USADPTS1010
referee: Johnny Seaman 47-47 | judge: Walter Ludtke 49-48 | judge: Frank Spader 49-49
1963-10-10Al Duarte15-62-4
Community Center, Weirton, West Virginia, USAWUD1515
North American Junior Lightweight Title
1963-09-14Eddie Armstrong20-13-2
Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO910
referee: Paddy Grimes
1963-08-24Sammy McSpadden22-0-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USAWUD1010
1963-08-19Paddy Read26-17-0
Sargent Field, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USAWUD1010
1963-07-15Paddy Read26-16-0
Sargent Field, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USAWUD1515
North American Lightweight Title
1963-02-16Flash Elorde67-18-2
Manila, Metro Manila, PhilippinesLUD1515
referee: Irineo Gallegos 64-74 | judge: Hugodino Lim 65-72 | judge: Domingo Gaerlan 68-72
WBC World super featherweight title
WBA World super featherweight title
1962-12-21Neto Villareal7-5-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWPTS1010
1962-10-18Harold Gomes51-6-0
Tech Memorial Gym, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWSD1010
referee: Johnny Seaman 44-47 | judge: Walter Ludtke 47-46 | judge: ? Sapeder 48-46
Judges had it for Bizarro while the referee favored Gomes.
Johnny Bizzarro was a correspondent for The Ring in the early 1960's and in this instance he reported his own fight ! (The Ring, Jan 1963)

1962-08-23Paddy Read24-13-0
Erie Stadium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWUD1010
1962-05-29Marcel Bizien16-8-1
Miller Stadium, West New York, New Jersey, USAWPTS1010
referee: Joey Harrison
1962-05-10Joey Parks14-14-3
Erie Arena, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWUD1010
1962-03-30Tommy Tibbs57-59-3
Erie Arena, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWSD1010
referee: Johnny Seaman
1962-02-07Tommy Tibbs56-59-3
Erie, Pennsylvania, USALUD1010
1961-12-14Jackie Kelly9-1-1
Tech Memorial Auditorium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWUD1010
1961-11-18Jackie Kelly7-1-1
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USALSD66
1961-08-31Ike Chestnut37-18-6
Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWUD1010
1961-08-10Jesse Underwood77-61-8
Erie Stadium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWUD1010
1961-03-23Dick DiVeronica24-2-0
Tech Memorial Gym, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWUD88
1961-02-23Carmen Scialabba6-2-1
Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS88
1961-02-17John Milton6-12-4
Armory, Youngstown, Ohio, USAWTKO38
1961-02-02Eli Leggett15-12-3
Cauley Auditorium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS88
1960-12-13Jerry Wells1-4-0
Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USAWPTS66
1960-12-09Jerry Wells1-3-0
Armory, Youngstown, Ohio, USAWPTS88
1960-08-18Freddie Martinovich11-1-0
Gannon College Auditorium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWSD88
1960-07-21Freddy Moore3-2-0
Steubenville, Ohio, USAWUD66
1960-07-08Willie Smith0-1-0
Hamilton, Ontario, CanadaWPTS88
1960-06-04Ray Trotter1-8-1
Steubenville, Ohio, USAWKO38
1960-04-26Tony Christy13-7-1
Palisades, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USALSD88
referee: George Martzo
1960-04-21Jerry Wells1-2-0
Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO38
referee: Johnny Seaman
1960-04-06Benny Red Randall4-10-1
Cauley Auditorium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWKO110
time: 2:28
1960-03-08Ray Powell6-19-1
Palisades Rink, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USAWKO26
time: 1:29
1960-02-25Tony Christy12-6-1
Cauley Auditorium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWUD88
referee: Babe Harkins 39-35 | judge: Johnny Seaman 40-36 | judge: Frank Spader 39-36
1960-02-15Walter Wallace3-0-0
Cambria A.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USALPTS66
1960-01-21Tony Christy12-6-0
Cauley Auditorium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USADPTS66
1959-12-29Billy Lowery
Palisades, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO36
referee: Buck McTiernan
1959-11-24Dick White5-10-0
Cauley Auditorium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWKO1
1959-10-27Ray Trotter1-6-1
Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWPTS66
1959-09-24Sammy Ross0-4-0
Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWKO3
1959-08-25Curtis Gregory
Sarnia, Ontario, CanadaWKO1
1959-07-23Freddie Stover0-4-0
Cauley Auditorium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWKO16
1959-07-11Bob Spencer0-2-0
High School Stadium, Charleroi, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO46
1959-06-23Bob Walters0-2-1
Cauley Auditorium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWUD66
1959-06-02Jimmy Sparks3-19-0
Sarnia, Ontario, CanadaWKO2
1959-05-27Sammy Lanier0-5-0
Cauley Auditorium, Erie, Pennsylvania, USAWKO2
1959-05-14Sammy Lanier0-4-0
Warren, Ohio, USAWKO2
1959-05-05Charley Bradford
Sarnia, Ontario, CanadaWKO1
1959-04-28Freddie Stover0-3-0
Palisades, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USAWTKO24
time: 2:45 | referee: Art Tarzan McGivern
1959-02-26Clyde Henry
Moose Hall, Warren, Ohio, USAWKO2
1959-02-03Earl Brabb2-1-0
Sports Arena, Toledo, Ohio, USAWPTS44
1958-12-16Buddy Kerr
Palisades, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USAWKO24
1958-11-25Carmie Price2-0-0
Palisades, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USALPTS44
1958-11-20Freddie Stover0-2-0
Community Center, Weirton, West Virginia, USAWKO24
Pro debut for Bizzarro.


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